July 9, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


Y'all listen up. i had heard so many wonderful things about the tiny part of texas (Wichita Falls) thats in our mission, and guess where my first area is?? FREAKING WICHITA FALLS TEXAS!!! i love telling people where I'm from, they pause for a sec and then go what no way!?! you're so close to home, what a surprise you got called a state above etc. happens everytime and its hilarious. My companion is Sister Gentry, she has about 5 months left on her mission. The area is split between us and a set of elders and honestly its the best. We're able to divide our forces and we're really seeing the benefit of hard work. the sisters before me in this area have worked so hard i luckily get to reap those benefits. I feel so blessed to be here when the work is moving forward so quickly. We're really focusing on having the ward give us names of part member or less active families we could visit, and it's been working so well. the ward wants to help us, and we're trying to make it as easy for them as possible. all they need to do is give us a name and we then do all the dirty work. There are some amazing investigators i've been able to teach here. Almost everyone has a strong belief in God or the Bible which helps us talk about Jesus so casually. There is alot of curiosity about what we believe or what the Book of Mormon is which gives us perfect teaching opportunities.  
The sisters (me) also take care of a tiny branch in Seymour Tx. we get to share a car w the elders so Hallelujah bc it gets soooo scorching hot here, im so glad im not on a bike 24/7. we do bike alot, and i havent been run over get so praise the Lord. 

Sorry this is a bit short but ya girl is a bit stressed for time!! we are well taken care of here and I'm so excited to watch the Lord's work continue in this area.
I love and miss all y'all so much! You're in my prayers!
Lots of love, Sister Maloney ​

3001 Kemp Blv #820 Wichita Falls, Tx 76308
Trust me, missionaries LOVE getting mail! 


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