July 2, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Sister Troyer

Into the woods ...

Hello y'all
This last week has FLOWN BY!!! I do not know where the heck 3 weeks has gone, but it's GONE! I I don't remember specific days, but I remember specific experiences. I have learned soooooo much this week, we had to swap teachers for our last week and Sister Kennedy (new teach) really stressed the importance of receiving revelation. She has definitely been a blessing to my life, the impressions I've gotten during personal study have been straight from the Lord. Bc the days all blur together here AND I failed to take adequate notes of events that happened during the week so lemme just mention a few experiences I remember. We've focused a lot on listening. And not just hearing what is being said but then asking inspired questions to understand concerns and then testifying. As we've been practicing this with the members of our district we've grown SOOOO close. It has been a hard last few days, as we realize this is our last Sunday together, our last breakfast, or class together. We all fly out to our respective missions Tuesday morning. We've been a great support to one another. 
One of my favorite things we do in class is called a book of Mormon read. Either the teacher or as a class we'll decide on a chapter of the Bom to read. We then read verse by verse constantly stopping and discussing what stands out or what insights we have received. There have been a few chapters that we have re read, and despite already having that chapter marked up or thought I got everything possible from that chapter... the spirit always proves me wrong and I learn so many new things each time. 10/10 recommend if you want your scripture study to become more meaningful. 
Just an fyi district 32 A is now a killer on the volleyball court. I'm gonna miss playing volleyball w them A LOT. 
ANYWAY. TOMORROW FRIENDS. EVERYTHING HAPPENS TOMORROW! prayers would be so appreciated and I literally cannot wait to tell y'all about my first week in Oklahoma. 
The church is undeniably true friends! 
Lots of love,Sister Maloney 
Pics 1. Happy missionary 2. Friendly snail 3. Cuddle puddle on Sis Post Malones bed (I'm sis post malone)4. Sis farm being a mood over the talented guy who sang Sunday 5. Classic mirror selfie 


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