June 26, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Sister Troyer

Escaping the gates - one week left before the real deal

Hello y'all, all y'all, erebody, 
Lemme tell you, everyday is a good day at the mtc. Pday are the best days. Sundays take a close second place to pday. But Wednesdays are literally so great. That's when the new baby missionaries report to the mtc. They're usually identified as "new" by a bright orange sticker on their name tag. Even if they take the sticker off, we can still tell if they're new or not. We, the seasoned, experienced "older" missionaries greet the babies by saying "welcome to the mtc!!!" To literally everyone one. It how we assert our dominace. Even though all the missionaries here are almost the same age, the longer you've been here the older you feel. So wednesday is tomorrow, I'm stoked for everyone who's reporting especially to meet the new missionaries in our zone. My companion and I were assigned to be the new sister training leaders. That means it's our responsibility to help the new sisters feel loved and welcome. We help resolve issues or concerns, and we try our best to be a good example. Today, we get to go on a field trip, we're accompanying a sister to a doctor's appointment. 
This past week has been crazy. Everyday I'm learning something new. When I think there's nothing else left to learn, there always is. Our teachers continue to amaze me, they make teaching look so simple and easy. There's only been once or twice that I've wanted to throw a desk (or elder) out the window. but the Lord constrained me, so all desks and elders are still in tact. Thursday I learned alot about the Lords sense of humor. Earlier that morning i had expressed feelings of frustration to my teacher about how a certain elder talked down to me. She was very understanding and said she'd try to not pair us together when we teach. However, our afternoon teacher was unaware of this, and paired us up for literally everything the rest of the day. I was forced to get over myself and try to teach with this elder. and it was one of the most rewarding things i have ever done. Now, the elder and i aren't bffs but i can kinda see him how the savior sees him. we were later called to serve together, he and his companion as the Zone Leaders and myself and my companion as the sister training leaders. (these two callings work pretty closely together). I know God gives us experiences and trials for our good, and this one was for my good. 
Friday and Saturday, sister troyer and i taught made great connections with our investigators. They finally were able to feel, and recognize the spirit and the Lord's hand acting in their life. even if we didn't commit them to baptism we brought them closer to Christ. Which is the ultimate goal. As our third week in the MTC begins, the process of teaching starts all over again, and we start teaching different investigators. we have high hopes this will be a GREAT week because of the amazing experiences we've already had. Last story i promise:
Last wednesday, the new missionaries rolled in but so did 150+ new mission presidents. the MTC holds a yearly training for mission presidents from all over the world. They join together with the First Presidency, and Quorum of the 12 Apostles for a week long training, so security has been tight, classes have been moved or canceled bc the prophet in using that room.  This Sunday we had a devotional with them. All 12 apostles, the leaders of our church, were in the same room. My district was singing in the choir, we were about 5 rows up on the bleachers, right in the middle. We were in our seats an hour early, everyone was so anxious to see which general authority would be there and who would be speaking. The mission presidents came and were seated. We began our prelude singing, halfway through the song "choose the right" the doors opened, we all stood. Then me and sis. Farm (the cryers in the group) started to cry as all 12 apostles walked in and sang with us. The choir then performed "Jesus once of humble birth" i teared up as we testified of His suffering and resurrection and i continued to cry throughout the whole devotional. We were addressed by Elder Cook. He told us we should focus on the 4 loves of missionary work. 
1. Love your companion - always always always focus on their strengths, there's always something you can gain from them.2. Love the people - not just the people who invite you in, and feed you. But especially the people who slam the door in your face, who yell and say you're wasting your time. 3. Love the mission president and his wife - sometimes we as missionaries are not called to specific mission, but to a specific mission president. just like they have been called to guide us, we have been called to bless them. 4. Love the Lord Jesus Christ  I wish you could have felt it. After he closed his remarks we stood, the organ played some background music, which happened to be called to serve. We (all 1700 missionaries) stared singing. And crying. My testimony of the gospel and desire to share the gospel is so strong. All 1700 missionaries stood and testified of our purpose. Why we are here. Who we trust in and who has called us. 
I am so thankful for the opportunities the Lord gives us to learn, instead of just telling or showing us how to do it. I love being at the MTC so much, but I'm ready for the real deal. Next pday I'll either be on my way to the field or already in the field!!! i hope and pray the Lord is blessing each and everyone of you. (Doctrine and Covenants 109:22-38)
I love y'all so very much!!
Love,Sister Maloney
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