June 19, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Sister Troyer

Re: Hello from the land of endless pineapple

okay.. awkward and so sorry for that. Something happened and now you get two emails from me because i wasnt quite finished with the first email but google had other ideas...
Converts. what the workshop meant by converts is that the people we find, teach and baptize should be converted to the Lord and His gospel BEFORE they are baptized. if that makes sense. also, monday we met with our first REAL LIFE INVESTIGATOR!!! before this we had been practicing teaching with our teacher (who was pretending to be an investigator) but now it's the real deal. the first lesson was a bit nerve wracking but my companion and I kept our cool and it turned out to be an amazing lesson. if our investigators don't get anything out of our lessons except one thing, we want our investigators to understand that God loves them. Everything we teach revolves around His love for us. The more i testify of that, the more i feel of His love for me and my companion. One thing I encourage all of you to do is to take notice of tender mercies in your life. God's hand is in the smallest details of our lives and the more we recognize it the more He shows Himself to us through others. 
I love this gospel so much! I have learned alot in just a few days and can't wait to see how else i can grow closer to Christ. 
I pray for each of you and hope ya'll are doing amazing.
Love,Sister Maloney 

1. Artsy pic of my studies 2. My life motto 3. Sisters in my district 4. My district (left to right) elder giacalone (pronounced jack-a-loney) elder Wright, elder Shelley, elder brown, elder Saunders, elder luthy, sister troyer (my companion) sister Starks, sister farmer sister gray, sister Abbott, meee!4. My birthday buddy and track buddy from school- Sister (jessie) Creer!!! 


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