June 19, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Sister Troyer

Hello from the land of endless pineapple

Hello friends and family  ! 
It's been a crazzzzzy week! Thank you for all the letters and emails. I can also read emails throughout the week so don't hesitate to email me anytime. 

quick shout out to my elders reporting to the mtc today  and tomorrow, good luck guys! 
Lemme just say i woke up at 5:45am this morning because i was SOOOOO excited i could 1) email you guys today and 2) wear pants. 
So where to begin ... My district (a group of missionaries) there's 6 sisters and 6 elders in mine we go to class together, they're great. We learn so much from each other and from our teachers. On Friday I began to feel normal ish in the sense that I knew where my classroom, the cafeteria and my residence halls were and I wasn't constantly looking at a map. Still getting used to putting my wonderful name tag on and casually forgot it twice that day (don't worry I ran back and got it). We've been playing volleyball every chance we get as our exercise, our sisters are pretty solid players. 
One of my favorite lessons we been taught so far was by sister Lawrence on the holy ghost. She had us look us scriptures about the holy ghost then share with someone which scripture and what it means to you. I shared John 14:26-27 and d&c 6:23 this lesson was much needed as that mornings class had been a little rough. As a district we're striving to constantly be exactly obedient, we've seen both the blessings and consequences of being obedient vs not being obedient. (D&C 130:20-21) 
At home I really enjoyed Sundays, but as a missionary I enjoy them even more!! We spend all day every day studying, practicing, and teaching another person. Sunday is a day we get to reflect on ourselves. Each week we are assigned a topic to research a write a short talk on, when Sunday rolls around our branch president (leader of our district and zone) will randomly select 3-4 missionaries to share what they researched. It's a great lesson in preparedness Yesterday was ALMOST pday, so it was a great day. we had a work shop titled "Preach repentance and baptize converts", we were a little confused by that because typically when we think of converts we think of people who are already members of the church, 


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