June 4, 2018


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Test email for mission blog - COUNTDOWN AT NINE DAYS


My friend captured this moment as I opened my mission assignment. I was in the Institute building at Southern Virginia University! I had 30 minutes between class and lab, so I gathered friends and changed my life. That's my RM brudder celebrating with me!! He was assigned to the California Carlsbad mission June 2015-2017. Three years ago yesterday, my family dropped him off at the Provo MTC. We then went to Cougar Eats and drowned our sadness of missing him in mint chocolate brownies. Now he and I get to switch roles. I enter the MTC and receive a rush of information, schedules, maps and study books while he walks teary-eyed to Cougar Eats for a mint chocolate brownie. I may have to stash a brownie in my backpack for later that night! 
So, this blog will the best way to receive my weekly updates. I may be able to post on Facebook as well, but can't reply to any posts or follow any friends/pages. I'm interested to see how Facebook helps the cause of sharing the gospel. I know many missionaries who are teaching gospel lessons to individuals and families via FB Live and Messenger. It seems to be just as effective as in-person appointments! I hope so!
My family will also update my missionary Instagram (@sister.maloney) so follow there, too. 

Sister Maloney


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