April 11, 2016


5th Area


Hermana Pierce

Baptisms are Progressing

This week flew by super fast so I'll tell you all about it. This past Monday we taught a new family of investigators that we found by tracting. The lesson went great and we were able to do some how to begin teaching and lay down some expectations for them. On Tuesday during comp study I suggested to hna that we do a small "companion council" because we had some things to discuss. It was beneficial and we moved past some barriers that were holding both of us back. Hermana opened up to me and ended up having an anxiety attack about things that were going on back home that were troubling her. We talked it through and I'm glad she was able to look through her options about attending the family services center. I'm thankful for the advice my companions have given me through out the mission because these little "pearls of knowledge" are things that I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. I'm thankful for the companions I've had who've helped me grow, seen me through hard day's, listened to me, laughed with me and have made memories with me along the way. The experience of a mission is truly one like no other in life and the best part is that you get to see your personal testimony grow through serving God's children. Tuesday during lunch I was able to get my glasses fixed so this past week I've been wearing them and they work great! That day we picked up teaching Kevin- Alma's son and he expressed his desire to be baptized so now we are trying to teach him all the lessons before Friday's baptismal interview. We were able to teach Alma that same morning and she was the sweetest opening up to us and expressing her love for the Lord and his gospel. She told us how she could see her faith and testimony growing along with the changes she's felt from the spirit. I believe it was on Tuesday morning that hermana and I ended up asking our DL Elder Vauifi for a blessing so that we could move on with everything and not feel stressed about the small things any more. To my surprise I was able to learn some things that I think will have a lasting impact on me for life. So recently I've been praying to Heavenly Father for help on understanding the things I'm learning on a deeper level. I'm at the point in my life where I want to analyze the gospel more. Keep that in mind as I tell you about the blessing I received. So in the blessing he said that Heavenly Father knows of my desire to learn more on a deeper level and he blessed me that my spiritual eye's would be opened. He also said that my mission won't end after I go home, that it'll continue when I get home and for the rest of my life. The last thing that I'll mention about the blessing is that while he was speaking he talked about how we have the whole God head and each play a specific part. He told me that the God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are all pulling for me as I continue to be obedient. After the blessing we drove back to our apartment for lunch and I was in awe. The power of the Priesthood never ceases to amaze me. The blessing I received was just a confirmation that God really does listen to our prayers and really does know the desire of our hearts. How amazing is that? We even have the whole God Head pulling for us when we choose the right! The feelings I felt that day were beautiful and I made sure to take the time to write down my experience in my pondering journal. On Wednesday we had our last English zone meeting for the transfer and it was fantastic! That evening hermana and I taught our inv. Javier about prayer and how he can enhance his reading ability and knowledge by changing up his prayers and making them a little bit more personal. He's a great guy and it breaks my heart that he's living here in the states working hard while his supporting his wife and kids back in Mexico. Fantastic guy with a big heart and he's super sensitive/receptive to the spirit of God. Thursday evening we taught our inv. Ismael with Obispo Richardson and we discussed keeping the Sabbath day holy- it was a fantastic lesson and obisop was inspired in the things he shared. Friday hermana and I did our weekly planning outside and enjoyed the sun. I was able to get a nice tan too! Saturday I was on exchanges with our STL hna Boelter and my comp went with hna Tchan. I stayed in our area and we were able to have some success during the day. That night we ate at Martha Castro's house for dinner and the torta's were super delish but that evening I went to sleep with a stomach ache. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling really sick but proceeded to get ready for church. After I got out of the shower I threw up! I went back to bed and was woken up by a phone call from bishop Mickleson in the English ward. He was like, "is this hermana Angell?" and I responded yes and then he said "you probably don't know who I am do you?" and I laughed and said no. He explained how he grew up with dad in high school and that he wanted to take me and my comp out for lunch some time! Super nice guy and hopefully we will be able to connect while I'm still on the mission. At that point I got ready in about 10 min, we sped to church and I was super shaky and didn't think I'd make it long. I made it through the sacrament portion and then we had to leave, and did out in the lobby. I was so nauseous so we ended up leaving then and I slept all day and watched meet the mormon's along with all the special features.. hahaha Last night and yesterday were pretty terrible with the food poisoning but now I've feeling better and gaining my appetite back a little bit. Over all it was a great week full of learning and new ideas (: Take care yall and remember to say your prayers!
Hermana Angell


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