June 29, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Welch

Semana Carta por Mi Familia

Buenas Dian Mi Familia!
Como estan? Ojala que ustedes tiene una buena dia! Me extrano ustedes muchisimo. Este semana fue muy bien y mi nueva compenera y yo recibimos bastante bendiciones.
Hello family, I hope you guys are having a great day so far! I miss you so much. This week was very great and my companion and I received tons a blessings!
So the beginning of the week was rough for me personally because I was super sick so on Tuesday I decided to make myself a doctors appointment. I got one for that day and the doctor told me that I had a sinus infection. What's up with me and sinus issues? So she gave me nasal spray to get the inflammation down and some pills for the infection. So this week it's progressively gotten a lot better poco a poco. Talk about trying to be exactly obedient and a positive example to your brand new missionary your training lol As of today I'm feeling a lot better though so I'm happy! I'm thankful for the blessing that Elder Sueng gave me and the doctor's appointment I was able to have.
This week was honestly life changing and "mission changing for me". It was different than any of the other weeks I've had yet. Since I'm pretty much the one in charge I had to try my very best to be an example to my comp on how to be exactly obedient. So any "bad" habits I had before I don't do them now. It was difficult last transfer when my comp was more relaxed about a lot of things. So I would eat in the car, and sometimes delay waking up for 10ish min in the morning or be about 5min late in between studies in the mornings, as well as a few other small things I had picked up from past comp. But now I'm able to put those things aside and start over. The night before I told Heavenly Father in my prayer that I was going to give everything us and just trust in him. I promised that I would work my hardest to be exactly obedient and to move forward with this fresh start I had placed in front of me. This week I can honestly say that I've worked my hardest and finally figured out how to put my "whole heart, might, mind and strength" into this great work. It's interesting because every day that I've woken up and once I've left the house to work for the day I've found this new excitement in talking to EVERYONE I come into contact with throughout the day. I know Heavenly Father has definitely blessed me with a stronger desire to work and to talk to everyone I meet and to share the gospel in every situation I come across weather big or small.
I can truthfully say that I'm a lot happier right now with the situation and opportunity I've been given with training. I have learned in ONE SINGLE WEEK how to put my trust in Heavenly Father EVERY day when I wake up. This new training opportunity that I have forces me to because I don't have my fluent comp any more to rely on. Heavenly Father knew that this is exactly what I needed in order for me to learn how to rely on him. Not on my fluent comp who always takes the lead, and not on my parent back home when I'm going through something difficult. I've been praying for someway to help me understand how to rely and to communicate with him and he has truly answered my prayers. Every day this week I can tell you guys that Heavenly Father has been there by my side and hasn't left me. In our lessons, in training my new comp, in speaking spanish, every single detail he hasn't left me. And this experience I've had this past week has; I believe changed my way of thinking for the rest of my life. I feel so blessed to be training and to be speaking spanish. Heavenly Father knew ahead of time before I even left on my mission that by placing me in the area I'm serving in now and by calling me spanish speaking- it would help me learn how to rely on him more. I know I didn't really understand how to in the past. And I've been able to notice his hand in my life more than I ever have this past week. Before I entered into a home or left our house I would pray for el don de lenguas (the gift of tungs) y el don del interpretacion (the gift of interpretation) and I'm happy to tell you guys that I know that Heavenly Father truly does qualify those he calls. I gained a testimony of that this week specifically. Placing me in this new situation I've relyed on the Holy Ghost to help guide my words and I've been able to speak and most importantly I've been able to understand EVERY conversation in spanish I've had this week. How truly amazing is that. I feel so blessed and I credit everything to my loving Heavenly Father that he would care about me and love me so much to help the spanish language FINALLY click in my head. Just with in a weeks difference and not relying on my "fluent comp" and by relying on God I've been able to make rapid progression.
This week I've been able to do door contacting with a new found courage in myself (not being afraid to walk up to someone I don't know and just start talking and sharing a message), understand every conversation in our lessons, and not being afraid any more to talk on the phone in spanish b/c I can finally understand people. I truly know that those that have a desire to serve God are called to the work and those that he calls- he qualifies. Who knew about 3 years ago when I was sitting in that spanish class in high school failing my tests and disliking spanish so much that I'd be where I am today finally "fluent" in the spanish language and actually enjoying it. I'm just unbelievably blown away after looking back on this week and I've felt the Lords love for me more than I ever have in my life. Miracles can truly happen when you place your trust in the one who knows your heart. I believe that the Lord has blessed me with el don del interpretacion this week and I'm so thankful for it.
There was really no need to fear or be scared the night I got the phone call to be a trainer (: If only I waited a week... hehe
A highlight of this week was that I decided to call Hermano Pina so that my HMN and I could meet with him at starbucks to discuss how to better help our menos activos (less actives) and the familia Pineda in specific. They decided not to come to church because they have bad feeling about some one. I've found out that the # one reason our people become less-active is because they feel judged and or offended. It's so sad to me that they are lacking out on so many blessings because they feel judged or offended. I presented a plan with some of the ideas HMN and I came up with and we talked it over with Hermano Pina. We got some help from him so I was greatful for that meeting. After the lesson he told me that he was really impressed with my spanish that I've improved immensely. (:
This week my comp and I have planned super effectively, and I've tried my best to follow the planning guide lines. I've seen the blessings of being exactly obedient this week and I don't want to every do missionary work any different again.
I've taken so much away from this week and learned so much. I have so much happiness in my heart right now It's been A LOT of work but I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to be the missionary I want to be now.
That's about it for this letter, I hope you enjoyed reading it as well as all of the pictures I sent!
Have a Happy 4th of July this Saturday party hard for me!(:
Lot's of love,
Hermana Angell


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