November 1, 2015

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You are a Child of God

Dear Hermana Angell,
Another week has gone by and fall is settling in here in Indiana. A few questions before I forget to ask them of you?
How are your hips feeling? Any episodes?
Did you get a chance to use the pink temple cards I sent you recently at the temple? If you can't to initiatory I can send you just endowments.
So you apartment is close to the places you had danger issues. So explain, how is your new area any different or safer than you past? Little confused.
A few fun things you might want to hear about this week. First, Jeff and I went to my tree stand on Thursday. Jeff purchased a crossbow so he took it. We sat there from about 5:40 to 7pm, then it go dark. The wind was blowing and quite cold, did not plan on needed to dress warmer since I just through my stuff in the car to change into after work. I thought I heard something behind me so I stood up to look behind me. As I started to turned back around to sit down in my stand I see off to my left, about five yards, right on the corner of the fence, was a dear. I could have reached out to touch it. The deer came from behind me, not like last year down the fence. The deer got a little nervous, probably smelled us, and trotted UP the fence line to the famous grove of trees then out into the field. Then two other dear followed and did the exact same thing. Jeff could have shot them all but we were looking for a buck. We watched 5 deer then play in the field off the tip of the trees like last year for 1 hour. Jeff had never had deer come up on him when in a stand so it was real fun. But real cold. I told him of all our stories of your gun, missing the deer and Truman shooting the two coming down the fence line.
Again, it is bow season so Jeff went himself Saturday to where we shot your deer. I get a text from him last night during Trick or Treat that “said Old Tall Horns is alive and bigger than ever this year”. “Watch him for 15 min about 60 yrds off just destroy two trees”. He was staying there today to try to get him. If he does not get him, i can't wait to try and find him during Gun season. Getting a little excited.
I purchased a metal platform that goes into the hitch receiver on the back of the Acura. The place I put the ball into to tow a trailer. When i get a deer, i can place the deer on the platform, hanging off the back of the Acura, and take the deer home. You see it once in awhile. Kind of redneck or Yuppy hunting but will work until i get a Truck again.
So mom said your new companion is the one that spread a few rumors about you. How is that going? I am fasting among a few personal work things today that you feel my love for you and that you will find the love needed to build a good relationship with your Herman, and the strength to forgive if forgiveness is needed. Not sure on that one.
Tell us all about your new area, investigators and companionship. I just loved your last letter. Your testimony is becoming deep and your perspective of what is really important in life has really developed over your time in the mission field. You are a child of God, a beautiful person that has a lot utilized to bless others people’s lives who your serve. Keep up the hard work.
Love you much Mariah,


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