February 10, 2020




Sister Parslow

Sailors and the Spirit


I don't know what it is but I feel like the weeks here have been flying by. I think it's because I'm leaving Veneta soon and time flies when you're having fun.

People have been expressing their worries/concerns with Sister Parslow and I tracting the boonies of Oregon late at night. So I just wanted to take this moment to comfort those who have expressed thier concerns. PMG (preach my gospel, a missionary handbook) states that "nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach". Unfortunately all the houses in town have already been tracted by Sister durney and I when I first arrived here in this tiny town of 4000, so now it's up to Sister Parslow and I to tract the uncharted territory of Oregon and find those who haven't seen or heard the message of the restored gospel! It's the best feeling whenever we are tracting out in the middle of nowhere and someone says "wow, I haven't seen missionaries in 10 years!" And then we have a conversation about the gospel for 30-60 minutes! As a missionary, the spirit is always with you if you are striving to keep it. Every night before sister Parslow and I go out we ask the Lord to direct our paths and to protect us from harm's way. We are very sensitive to His counsil and direction. It's an amazing feeling to literally be directed by God to those who have been searching for Him their whole lives. No need to worry about us :) the Lord is on our side!

We had an amazing lesson with Tony this week about the importance of temples and family history! We watched the Rome Italy temple tour video! And then set up a date to go to the temple in March right before I leave to baptisms for the dead! How lucky are we to have the ability to have our families sealed to us in this life so we can have them in the life to come! And to be able to have the opportunity to help our ancestors find Christ and accept him after they pass! Tony loved learning about temples and he's just fitting right in to the ward!

I love my mission! I'm so grateful to be a missionary :)

I found the house of my dreams this week! We were tracting this one road and we walked up to this house that literally looked like it was straight out of mama Mia or something! It was a beautiful old 1900's white farm house! We walked up and there was soup cooking in the kitchen and the fire place was on. This lady let us right in and gave us a tour of her home. Her girlfriends walked in and they all were these artists from around oregon wearing berets and said "oh Cindy, we know you went antique shopping! You must show us what you got". I just stood there watching all this take place. I literally felt like I was in a movie! And to make it even better, I asked "where do you all know each other from?" And they said "we're sailors!" I said "you mean like oceans sailors?" And they proceeded to tell me about all thier sailing trips in Alaska, Canda, Italy and so on. This group of friends was so cool. I didn't feel cool enough to be there hahaha. But we are going back this next week so I'll take pictures of what this house looks like!

Oregon never ceases to disappoint! I love this place! It will forever have a place in my heart!

Hope you all have a great week!

Dont forget to email me for Valentines day! :)

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