February 3, 2020




Sister Parslow

Another week in paradise

A week of new missionaries and classic Oregonians.

We tracted this street this week that was full of a lot of Intresting people. We had to walk down a LONG driveway in the middle of no where. It took a good 10-15 minutes just to get to this house. There were no trespassing signs all the the beginning of the driveway but we decided to press forward anyway haha. Long story short. She was not very happy with us. Our conversation went something like this. "Did you not see the signs?" "Yes, we saw the signs but we are here to share a message about Jesus Christ and about his love for you" "get off my property" "sorry I never asked your name, I'm sister white, what's yours?" "Mhhhm BYE" "well it was really nice to meet you, we hope you have a great night! God bless". So we walked ALL the way back down her drive way. Shook it off then headed to the next house, which ended being exactly why we felt like we needed to go that street! We had such a great conversation with this lady! Her husband is a less active member and she loves the missionaries! After that we decided to head back to our car and pick another place to tract because she told us not to go next door. Picture inserted to let you know why. But when we got to our car we had a note on our window from our dear "no trespassing lady" and it said "THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY, next time I see you here, I will have you towed". I dont know when she thought that "next time" would be but I'm on the Lords time so I can assure you that doesn't Include coming back to your house hahaha. Maybe she will be kinder to the next missionaries!

I'll pray for her :)

We found a rug on the side of the road while tracting this week and decided to take it home with had dog poop and throw up on it. Luckily enough Sister Parslow is an excellent cleaner of poop and throw up because she worked for the city of Logan for 3 summers cleaning toilets so she took it upon herself to clean the rug while I mopped and deep cleaned the kitchen! Companionship unity.

This week was full of lessons and learning!

Something I really loved when reading in Enos is his eagerness to learn all that his father taught. He knew that he needed to repent and change in order to understand the importance of Christ and God. I love how he "cried unto the Lord in mighty prayer". I learned a lot from Enos. In order for us to recieve the spirit and be open for revelation we need to repent and turn towards Christ like Enos did!

I also learned a lot about gaining knowledge!
1. Experience
2. Inference
- can't see atoms but we can infer that they are there keeping everything together
3. Physical
- physically see and learn things
4. Scriptures
5. Prayer

If God came to you and told you something, wouldn't you believe it? We all would. We couldn't deny that. That's exactly what the scriptures are! People have had experiences with God and learning truth from Him through His son Jesus Christ, or through His spirit! That's why learning from the scriptures is so effective and powerful because it literally is Gods word!

I love this work! I'm so grateful to be Christs witness to share His great and marvelous work! The Book of Mormon!

Love you all!

Love Sister Mags White


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