January 27, 2020




Sister Parslow

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

Packed week! Full of lessons and tracting and baptisms!

We had some fun experiences this week. Lots of singing in the rain and people getting mad at us for knocking at thier door.

One if the members in outward told us that this lady posted on our town facebook page asking why "two young women are knocking on their door at 7 o'clock at night looking for ways to serve me" hahahaha I think we might just have to go back over and introduce ourselves again!

That look of confusion is priceless when ever we knock on someone's door at night and say "Hi! We are the sister missionaries for the Church of Jesus chrisf of Latter-day saints! We are sharing a message about Christ and his church upon the earth today". People in Veneta just get very concerned when people knock on thier door. They never open the door the whole way so we end up just testifying through a tiny crack for 5 seconds on through a kitchen window.

We got transfer news! I'm staying in Veneta with Sister Parslow! That means I'll be in Veneta for a total of 6 months! Wowza. That's a long time! But I'm grateful to be here. I'm really glad I'm staying because I get to see Tony be baptized. It's not typical here for missionaries to find someone, prepare them for baptism, and stay in the same area long enough to see them actually baptized. So I'm very grateful for the Lord giving me this opportunity to see the fruits of my labors.

We put Jan on date for baptism this week! That is really exciting! We will keep working with her and helping her feel more and more comfortable in coming to church and opening up to the ward members! So by the end of my time here, I will have 2 baptized in Veneta! :)

We decided on night to go knock on the doors of this trailor/mobil home park down the road from us and it was the funniest experience! Full of just the most interesting down to earth people. We knocked on this one ladies house named Deborah. She told us her story and how much she loves Christ and God. She is a very spiritual women. She told us "God bless you Sisters and all that you do to bring the good word of the Lord to the world!" And then she said "now dont knock on the neighbors door, they'll just slam it in your face!". Now you have to remember how close these mobile homes are to each other, you can literally hear anything from you neighbors. So even though sweet Deborah told us not to knock on the neighbors door, we did anyway. Sure enough, when we knocked, someone answered and then slammed it right in our face. I heard a faint little "I told you so" from behind me, sister Parslow and I both whip around and see Deborah and her back door open staring at us shaking her head and saying "I told you they were going to slam the door. God bless you sisters!" Haha

This week has been great! Another great week ahead!

Thank you all for your support! Dont forget to email me!

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