January 6, 2020




Sister Parslow

Clearer vision in 2020

Happy new year everyone! My whole 2020 will be dedicated to serving the Lord! I'm so pumped!

This week was another wierd week due to new year eve and new years day. But it was so much fun! We had a lot of zone activities where all the missionaries in our surrounding area got together to play sports and eat lunch and have devotionals! It was a blast!

On tuesday we went over to a members house and learned how to quilt! We went back today for our pday to work on it some more! Hahaha. Everyone watch out because I'm becoming a quilting maniac!

Our goal this week was to find 6 new people to teach and we found 8! The work is going really great! The Lord is blessing us for being obedient and hardworking!

The rain and wind is finally coming! It's supposed to rain for the next 2 weeks so that'll be fun! Dont worry! We have a ton of emergen c!

We've been working really hard to get people to chruch, but no one is coming! That's the hardest thing about missionary work is sundays. You sit there and just stare at the door hoping that your investigators will walk in...and they never do. But we will keep trying! :)

I've been reading in 1 Nephi and have been seeing so many connections between the book of mormon to the Bible! It's been so cool to see how they bothered testify of each other! I especially love In 1 Nephi 17:25-29 when Nephi is talking to his brothers about Moses and parting the red sea. Many bible critics today are trying to say that the parting of the red sea didnt happen the way it says it happened, but the Book of Mormon testifies that it did! Shows that the Bibke is true!

I love being a missionary! As of right now, we have 1 on date and we are teaching 16 people right now! The work is going really good! It's hard work but theres nothing like it :)

How is everyone? Send me updates!

Here's my address:
P.O. box 88 Veneta Oregon 97487

I love you all!

Love Sister Mags White

1.My quilt square
2. My companion and I celebrating my 4 months!
3. My sushi eating and sushi


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