December 30, 2019




Sister Parslow

Christmas time was here. Now it's gone

This week was kinda a lazy week! I'm ready to get back into the work! We didnt tract Wednesday or thursday because because were with their families and no body wants missionaries knocking on their door Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Si we played a bunch of sports as a zone! You name is! Basketball, Soccer, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Chair soccer. It was a lot of fun! We also got to go over the the mission home and have some food all together! We had a sweet devotional and I was asked to bear my testimony on Christ! It was really fun to be with a bunch of missionaries and President and Sister Orton for Christmas!

We got to spend a lot of time with members this week too which was really fun! They fed us really well and gave us a lot of gifts for Christmas!

Sister parslow got herself locked in the bathroom so a good 10 minutes. I felt bad because our member almost had to break the bathroom handle in order to get her out hahaha

It's been raining quite out here in the OEM! So we did not have a white Christmas, which was okay because we have to go knock doors every night so i dont mind not having any snow!

It was Presdient Orton's birthday today so sister parslow and I gave him a call and sang happy birthday! He's such an amazing man! I'm so privileged to have him as my mission president!

When we went tracting on Friday, everyone was being pretty mean so we were taking a lot of hits hahah. We then felt prompted to go down this dark long driveway! We heard a dog barking, and sister parslow is super scared of dogs but I still felt really good about the house so we kept walking. We came to this super cute farm house in the back of the woods, the owner came out because his dog was barking and when we introduce ourselves he said, "you want to see something cool?" So we followed hi. To his barn and he showed us his 300 pound pig who was just about to go into labor. Hahahaha I said "can we stay and watch?". He also introduced us to his 6 cows and his 3000 pound bull! It was the biggest thing I have ever seen! They have 6 kids and a farm full of animals! We talked about religion and we gave him a pamphlet and asked him to call us if he ever needed any service!!! Even cleaning up cow poop! He was such a cool guy! Definitely someone that we needed to meet!

Overall this week has been really awesome to just focus on the Savior! It was my first christmas in the mission and I was so happy to be able to represent Christ on His day! I'm so grateful for God plan for all of us, and for sending His only son to Atone so that we could make it back to Him someday! I'm grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I'm so grateful for my testimony, and im so grateful for my Savior!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Love you favorite Sister Missionary

Sister Maggie White


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