December 16, 2019




Sister Durney

I'm Pregnant!


wooooo! I'm so pumped! I don't get my baby until Thursday but we are making preparations haha. Sister durney is getting transferred to roseburg to become an STL and I'm taking over Veneta to train! Can't even hold in my excitement! That's why my header says "I'm Pregnant" because I'm training a baby missionary so I'll be her mother!

Countdown to Chirstmas! Veneta had a light parade on thursday and one of our investigators invited us to come with them and their family! We then decided to walk them down to their car right by dairy queen, so when they left, we decided to go see if mason oilar, the bishops son, was working and could get us some ice cream! Hahaha low and behold there he was in the window! We walked up to him and he said "you look like you need a blizzard...on the house!" Haha it went according to plan! We then walked back home! It was such a fun night!

We also had our ward Christmas party this saturday! It was so much fun! Sister Durney and I took home like 10 pounds of ham and 12 baked potatoes! Idk who or how anyone is going to eat all the food but we couldn't say no. Right in the middle of the Christmas party, Bishop announced that the septic tank was broken and that "NO ONE COULD USE THE BATHROOM!" Hahaha he then cancelled church the next day because it's illegal to hold meetings without a working bathroom. Which was super unfortunate because it was sister durnery's last sunday and because we were supposed to have 4 people at church! Sad. But we needed up going to the stake center with one of our investigators in Eugene so we at least had one!!

A HUGE SHOUTOUT to my sister Emily! It was her birthday yesterday! Happy 21st!

We went to the Powers, a family in our ward, last night after dinner to help set up their christmas tree and put all the ornaments on! It was such a blast and it's making me so excited for Christmas! I'm super sad that sister durney and I wont be together for christmas but I'm super excited to meet my new companion this week!

Tuesday and Wednesday this week I'll be in a trio with Sister Mickelson (my MTC companion), and Sister Elsworth before we get our trainees! This should be a really exciting week!

My favorite scripture this week is Alma 7:7

For behold, I say unto you there be many things to come; and behold, there is one thing which is of more importance than them all—for behold, the time is not far distant that the Redeemer liveth and cometh among his people.

There's a lot of things that can make our lives seem unbearable, hectic, hard, and stressful but there is one thing that is more important than anything else, that the Savior lives. He is not far away. And he has come to redeem us from our sins and imperfections. Turn to Him this Christmas season because He was born for you. He lived and died for you! How lucky are we to have a Savior! This scripture helps me keep everything in perspective! To think about what really matters and what we really need to focus on! I hope you can find that light this Christmas through Christ!

Thank you all for reading my emails! Is means a lot! I hope everyone has a great week! Dont forget to email me :) I love hearing about your lives and experiences!

Love Sister Mags White


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