December 9, 2019




Sister Durney

"If you want me to read the book...I will"

This week was so awesome! We had a lesson with each of our on daters for baptism!

We had a lesson with our family this week! Chris and Amanda! They are the best! It always blows my mind whenever people start progressing in the gospel, they always get bombarded with anti literature and people telling then they shouldn't meet with missionaries. This week Chris and Amanda got hit with 2 anti people talking to them but it's so amazing to see how the light of Christ always overcomes the darkness! They still want to meet and are still willing to learn! When we were finishing our lesson, we asked Chris what he was feeling and what questions he had, he told us that he feels like he should read the bible to understand the book of mormon. Sister Durney reassured him that he didn't need to read the bible to understand the book of mormon. He looked at us and said "sisters, if you want me to read this book...I will". Probably one if the coolest experiences I've had on my mission!

So another crazy experience...we were tracting a couple days ago and we knocked on this door that looked like there was no one home. The lights were out and there wasn't a car in the driveway, but we didn't care. When we knocked, I could see through the front door but my companion couldn't. I saw a little dog scurry into a light bedroom after we knocked and then the next thing I saw was a big 300 pound man hop out through the doorframe holding a full on rifle pointed at us through the door. When he realized who we were he laughed and hid the gun around the wall and came to talk to us. We ended up giving him a book of mormon and talked to him for over 30 minutes! Hahaha it's a good story to tell.

I also almost got attacked by a dog this week. My life flashed before my eyes and I'm sad to say I left my companion behind as I sprinted for my life down the drive way. Neither of us got bit.

We had the Créche exhibit this weekend where they bring in over 1000 nativities from all around the world and display them at one of our buildings! We got one of our investigators to go and then we went and served there on sunday! It was such a cool event!

It's me and sister durney's last week together :( it's actually so sad. We get our transfer news on friday! So by next pday I'll know what's going to happen!

I absolutely love missionary work during christmas time! The spirit in the air is so amazing and it's a privilege to be on the Lords errand during this time!

I love you all! The work is amazing! We are teaching lots of people and I'm growing everyday!

Read the book of mormon, it has the power to change your life for the better! Keep doing the "Light the World" calendar!

Email me with any questions about my mission, about missionary work or just about the book of mormon! I love to talk :)

If you want to send me a christmas letter or package, here's my address

P.O. box 89 Veneta Oregon 97487


Love Sister White :)


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