November 18, 2019




Sister Durney

We've been dropped...

Dont forget to email me :))

This week was good. Other than all our on daters for baptism dropped us. It's always sad when you are seeing people get excited about their baptism and then a flip switches and they dont want to speak to you again. It's a weird feeling. Almost like someone is breaking up with you but a spiritual break up haha.

We have been finding a lot of families recently! We had a lesson with a family this tuesday and it was so refreshing to meet people who are genuinely interested in learning about the gospel! It was so sweet, at the closing prayer the dad, chris, said "God, thank you for sending us these two Angel's". And then amanda, the mom, started crying because her little boy said a prayer too. She thanked us as we left and told us to come back this Tuesday so we're excited to see them again!

Last Monday, we went tracting (like we do everyday) but we decided to tract these apartment complexes, which can be scary, because most angry people live in apartment complexes and just like to argue and scream at you about no soliciting. Anyway, we felt prompted so what the Lord wants, the Lord gets because we are on His time! Anyway the first 4 apartments were people just not interested and then we knocked on the 5th door. This man opened it, looked at us and said "I've been dreaming about this moment. Come inside". We thought he was crazy because when we asked him if there was a woman in the home he said "oh yeah mary is just in the next room" but we couldn't see her, but turns out she was in a different room off the family room so we said hi. This man's name is phil. He had so many questions! He looked at us and said "you know, it's really a miracle that you are even here because this apartment complex is owned by the Catholics and if they found you here, they would hang you". A little dramatic but it made us feel kinda rebellious hahaha. We had a lesson with him for about an hour and then we set up a lesson for Wednesday. We taught him Wednesday and saturday but we're not really sure how to progress with him because he really likes to talk at us and show how "smart" he is by pulling out these random facts, which I dont think are true, but it's hard to even say much. Sister durney finally said "phil, we found each other for a reason, but in order for you to learn and find out that reason from God is if you stop talking and let us teach!". He shut up. He was supposed to come to church yesturday but he recently had surgery for cancer and can't quite make it out of the house yet!

The week flew by though! We had lots of service this week! Raked some leaves for a 7th day Adventist lady which was really fun! She was so nice!

The new missionary handbook is out online so sister durney and I have been reading that a lot! Hahah it's so good! So strange how things like the new book of mormon videos, light the world calendar, and missionary handbook is our form of entertainment!

I'm loving oregon! The members are so sweet and the work is so good! Crazy to think there's only 4 weeks left in the transfer!

I love being a missionary and being able to spread the gospel, especially around thanksgiving and christmas season! I hope you all are remembering Christ in all that you do! He is our Savior! God wants to communicate with you! Remember Him always!

Until next week!

Sister white

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