November 11, 2019




Sister Durney

No longer a baby

What a crazy week!

The new missionaries came in on Wednesday so I'm officially not a newbie anymore. Well sorta. I still have 6 more weeks of training but I have graduated to the phase "pre-teen" idk which one is worse haha.

I got to take some of the new missionaries out for thier first night out in the field! It was such a cool experience because I remember doing this 6 weeks ago and now these missionaries are looking towards me to be the person to lead everything! I chose to take out sister lamb! We knew each other vaguely before the mission so it's fun to see where we are now! Haha! We went on U of O campus for her first night, which is NOT my area and I've only been on campus one other time but the mindset I go into it is "when will I ever see these people again? Never. Might as well leave an impression". So we OYM'ed (which means just walk up to people and "open your mouth") instead of knocked doors so that was a new experience for sister lamb but we met some really awesome people, sad thing is I dont get to teach them because I have to go back to Veneta.

The next morning all the "old" missionaries including me sang to the new missionaries coming in to the chapel! It was so cool! Again HUGE deja vu! I loved being apart of that!

We found 10 news this week! When I say "new" it just means new people that we are going to teach. In order for someone to qualify as a new, we need to give them a commitment, whether that be reading the book of mormon, coming to church, reading our pamphlet etc, and then we have to set up a return appointment! So we've got a lot of lessons coming up in the next few weeks!

We meet this girl named patty while tracting in a trailer park the other night. When we knocked, we told her who we were and she was getting ready to close the door and then I complemented the beads she had dangling from her ceiling. She said "do you want to come see them?" So we went inside and she had over 200 homemade chandelier/wind chimes hanging from her tiny trailer ceiling. She calls herself an "organized hoarder". Haha she was such a cool lady. She had a whole wall full of pins and I told her how much I love pins so she said "well take some then! As many as you want!" So sister durney and I got some cool pins!. She said we could come back and talk to her a little more about our pamphlet we left! It's crazy how the littlest thing can help you connect to someone! I'm grateful we were able to follow to spirit in complimenting her, otherwise we would have never connected to such an interesting lady! Haha

Something I'm am very grateful for this week is the plan of salvation. It's been a tough week for some missionaries in the field and I'm very grateful for that knowledge that I have that I will have my family after this life because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Because of Him, we can all live again! And because of the promises we can make to God in this life, we can be sealed to our families, not only on this earth but in Heaven too!

I'm so grateful for this gospel! I'm grateful for my Savior! I'm grateful to have the authority to teach his gospel and to see that change in people's hearts and lives!

I'm thankful for a loving family who has taught me correct principles and who

have helped me become the person I am today! Serving a mission in eugene Oregon!

I love this place and all the people!

My address is:

P.O. box 89 Veneta Oregon 97487


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