October 28, 2019




Sister Durney

Another crazy week!

I hit my 2 month mark this week! How is that even possible? The time has already gone by so fast!

Halloween is coming up and I'm going to "dress up". Thinking I might just put my hair into two space buns and wear a tan dress. Any guesses? I'm going for princess Leia. Hahah maybe it will turn out maybe it won't.

This was the coolest experience of my mission by far. We had a lesson with a man named tony. We met him while tracting and he had so many questions about prophets and the book of mormon. We ended up leaving him a copy of a book of mormon and 2 pamphlets! When we went back yesturday he had read all of the pamphlets and started to read the book of mormon! He's on fire! We taught him the restoration of the gospel and I got to recite the first vision! It was so cool! Definitely an out of body experience! After I recited it, no one said anything, and then he goes "wow, that was really powerful". The spirit was so strong! We have a church tour with him tomorrow so we are super pumped!

Its starting to get super cold out here in oregon so we are working hard to stay motivated when we are freezing cold! Pray for us hahaha

We have 3 people on date now! Almost 4! It could be 6 in 2 weeks so the work is going really great here in veneta! We are teaching a lot but there's also a lot of lessons that are falling through.

We have been doing a ton of service! Working at the food bank, cleaning yards and then this week we are helping one of our investigators clean her house and shes kinda a hoarder soooo that'll be an interesting experience.

Me and sister durney spoke at church this sunday and that was awesome! We had 4 people come to church! Crazy! They all really enjoyed it! Hey and the statistic is 1 in every 4 people that come to church get baptized sooooo we're hoping that is true.

As of right now our teaching pool is about 6 people consistently so we are working hard to keep them active in our teachings and to get more to teach!

I'm loving every moment! Being a missionary is the biggest blessing and I'm so fortunate!

Until next week!
Love you favorite missionary
Sister (maggie) white


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