September 25, 2019




Sister Durney

I'm alive!! First week out in the field

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Hello friends and family! How is everyone? I LOVE OREGON! My first area is veneta Oregon and it's a funny place! The people here are very interesting! My trainers name is sister durney! Shes from Oklahoma! Shes been out for 5 months and has served all that time Walport! My mission president and his wife are amazing! They are absolutely incredible! They actually came to our ward this Sunday because we are pretty close to eugene (where they live) so they came out to see us! Got a little emotional when they walked in because they are kinda like my mom and dad for the next 9 months before that get released!

Sister durney and I are white washing the area! There hasn't been sister in the area for a while! It's been all elders for as long as the members can remember! So we don't really have much to work on so we have just been tracking everyday! It's been fun! We go out into the boonies and track out in the middle of now where and the we also do some in the suburbs! It's starting to get into raining season here! So I've been preparing myself! Been getting pretty wet!

The veneta ward is awesome! We had a laui ward party on Saturday and they served Hawaiian food! (if you know me, you know that's my favoirte) sister durney and I got to meet most the people in the ward! All super sweet! Most of them are pretty old but there are a few young families!

It was fast and testimony meeting this Sunday and it was so amazing! The bishop went up and bore his testimony about missionary work! He looked at the congregation and then looked at sister durney and I and said "the Lord has sent us these missionaries here for a reason! I've been praying for sisters and we need to help them be successful in the area!"

It's an interesting area though! There's no in between, its either an RV trailer park where everyone is a hoarder or it's really cute suburban homes! It's strange though because it's different on each block!

We've definatly had some interesting experiences this past week! Lots of people answering the door and us just getting smacked in the face with the smell of weed! Hahah but the people are super nice! Lots of hippies, lots of farmers, lots of druggies but you gotta love it!

The work is good! My companion is the best! The ward and bishop is amazing and I'm so lucky to be a missionary!

I'm reading over the book of mormon again! Im highlighting in red everytime it mentions the savior and any of His names and then in purple the doctrine of Jesus Christ! If you want to join me I'd love for you guys to! I'm only in 1 nephi 18 so it'll be easy to catch up!

I love being a missionary! It's hard work but I know that there are people here that need to be taught to gospel and about how much their savior loves them!

Here's some pictures! I'll send more out later! But the food is from one of the members! They just gave us all this produce from thier garden! We are at their house for dinner and the whole dinner was food that they grew! so yummy! Anyway love you all!

Love sister Maggie white


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