September 23, 2019




Sister Mickelson

Goodbye MTC

Email me about your lives! about school, advice, something funny, something annoying! i want to hear it all!

Hello family and friends!! This is my last email in the MTC! I have loved the MTC! There has been so many learning experiences! I have loved the people I've met and the teachers that I've had! I can't wait to get to Oregon and actually get teaching!

Something that have happened this week!

We got our flight information and we have to leave at 5:00 in the morning! Yuck! Haha good news is the MTC has trained me to wake up early so its not to bad! I mean we have to wake up at 5:00 to get our laundry done because there are so many missionaries and if you dont think ahead, laundry will take 4 hours. Luckly me and my companion are on it!

We had our departing devotional a couple of days ago! just getting us pumped for the mission field! I have learned so much about what it takes to be a good missionary! one being to love everyone! it is literally a commandment from God! I never really thought of it that way! I think that everyone has their own set of problems and we should always show Christ like love in every moment of our lives. Sometimes it can be hard to love but in stead of focusing on what we don't like about a person or how much they annoy you in this aspect, focus on what they are good at and what you like about them! The way that we view people is solely based on what we are looking for! so look for the good! everyone is Gods children and its our duty to love all of His children. One of my new favorite quotes that one of my teachers shared with me this week was "Never let keeping any rule go take place above someone to love"

I have loved my companion! shes the best! she is so willing to learn and supports me everyday! Im so grateful for all the lessons shes taught me! it'll be interesting getting a new companion in a few days but i already know that i'm going to love her just as much!

It was so sad to have to say goodbye to all of my teachers! literally think i had the best ones in the MTC! such a huge responsibility to have to teach new missionaries how to teach people but they taught me so much! wouldn't be the missionary i am right now if it wasn't for them so huge shout out to all of my wonderful teachers and their testimonies!

I cant wait for real food! the MTC food hasn't been very good to me i'm excited to eat some sushi and burritos, and pizza and just all the goods! hahah

There isn't much to say this week! i'm just grateful for the person i've become in these short 3 weeks! i cant wait to see how much i learn and grow after these short 18 months!

This is the Lords work! God speaks to us today! and i feel so lucky to be a representative of His Son Jesus Christ to bring that message to the people of Oregon!

Love you all!

Sister (Maggie) white :)


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