September 17, 2019




Sister Mickelson

Welcome to the Maggie Show (week 2)

Just a email me?! i want to hear about everyone lives!

Hello everyone! My second week is done! I leave so soon! I'm just super grateful for this experience and for all the things I've learned in these 2 short weeks! I'm truly blessed to be a missionary and I love my calling!

Wednesday we taught Brianna about the atonement of Jesus Christ! She was very receptive to this lesson because shes very patient about helping others and empathizing with them! So we invited her to read the Book of Mormon and to pray!

Elder Gary E. Stevenson came and talked to us in our Tuesday devotional! It was really awesome to be in the same room as an apostle of Christ! I sang in the choir for the devotional and we sang "nearer my god to thee" one of my favorite songs and it sounded like we were singing with Angel's! It was so powerful and beautiful!

New missionaries came in on Wednesday and that was so fun to be able to see new faces and finally say "welcome to the mtc!" Because I know how much I enjoyed hearing that when I arrived last week, not. Hahaha but it was cool to meet some new missionaries going all around the world! My time here seems like it's going so fast! So I'm grateful for everyday!

For workout on Wednesday our whole district went to play basketball because it was raining outside and not going to lie, I was balling out. All the missionaries asked if i played basketball and i said "no, but I did play church ball". Haha I thought that was funny!

We hosted senior missionaries coming into the MTC on Monday! It was such a cool experience! When I got here 2 weeks ago I really wanted to be able to host a new missionary so it's even better that my district gets to help the senior couples!

We are already getting messages for our departure which is so crazy because I feel like my time in the MTC has flown by!

Sister Mickelson and i were just doing companionship study outside our dorms and then we got an email telling u that we needed to pack up our room and be move out to a different room but Tuesday night soooooo we had to pack all our stuff! its not that big of a deal because we've only been here for two weeks but all the girls in our floor have to move so that includes all the sisters that have been living in their rooms for 7 weeks....rough. Anyway! thats happening today so wish us luck.

Its clicked! Being a missionary that asks questions and uses scriptures and knows exactly where to turn when someone has a question! Is it to early to say im getting the hang of this? I mean im thankfully not learning a language here so the past 2 weeks has been just how to be a good missionary and have to really teach! We've had 7 TRC's! (just means you are teaching a "non-member")

I love being a missionary! There's nothing more rewarding! Love you all! Don't forget to email me!!!

Love your favorite missionary
Sister white :)


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