July 3, 2017


My First Area



Week 30

It's hot. Every day, all day, it is so very hot. Happy July

Wild crazy forest lady coming to church, one member brought their cat to sacrament, people ordering cancer at restaurants (English practice), scary doorbell morning, chair break down.

Nothing can ever be easy. ever. But, it can be good!

This week we had a lot of wonderful lessons with members where we both taught people and helped strengthen them and also got to know and love them more. For example, we met with the branch president's wife this week. She knows great english and served a mission on Temple Square. We never had an opportunity to talk a lot before but we got to know each other so well, and we were laughing and having fun so quickly, it was great. When we gave our spiritual thought it turned out to be exactly what she needed. The spirit works in mysterious ways. I didn't hear a voice say "teach this" but He guided us to exactly what we need to teach her.

We also did service at 6:30 for Sister Violeta, which was amazing because we have been trying to help her for so long and she finally let us help in her garden!! We also went to see Sister Mitchelvska, who is a HUGE spiritual giant in an adorable old woman's body. She is so sassy and funny, and we both brought jello to lunch, she wouldn't stop laughing. Then we taught how to sing "the wise man and the foolish man" in primary, the kids loved all the signs and it was so fun to teach. And we FINALLY were able to meet with a less active, Natasha. She is in her late 20s and knows english perfectly and we had a lesson with her and her grandmother (who is the sweetest woman in the world). One of the elders offered to take her grandma to the US and she just said “idoo” or “i will go!” Soo cute. She has a lot of potential and I can't wait to work with her more (and see her cute cat more too!) It's these little moments that I love. What makes missionary work great, is the people.

The highlight of the week for sure was the baptism. A man the elders have been working with was baptized the other day, he is kinda a goof but he took it all so seriously when the gospel was discussed. The spirit was strong and everything went smoothly. We have somewhere around 12 baptisms in our mission this year (12 was the total for last year) so the work is rolling forward!!

It was a hard week, there were times where we were at a loss of what to do and it was pretty terrible actually. But I didn't come on my mission for me to feel good. I came here to help people and to serve the lord, and even though it was a weird week, that's what I did.

Thank you for your support, and have a great week!
Sister Mitchell

one other the elders with Natasha's grandmother and cat
view from the post baptism picnicking
baptism pic
me and a nice view in town


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