April 10, 2017


Provo, Utah


Sister Lima Po

Week 6

This week has been tough but not to worry, there is always light at the end
of the tunnel and my week ended great! I have thoroughly enjoyed this week
as a whole.

Not too much happened this week actually. On Tuesday we had a devotional
with Elder James B. Martino of the 70 which was really good! His wife,
Sister Martino talked about us being completely obedient, and if we are we
will find success and miracles. This is the best 18 months for my life,
not of my life. I really liked her short talk. Elder Martino said that
God does not answer prayers just to answer curiosity and he was talking
about the importance of teaching less actives. I thouroughly enjoyed both
talks. If we turn our lives towards our Heavenly Father, He will show us
how much he loves us.

Brother Eggett, our choir director was talking to some of us after choir
and he said that his niece (I think) is serving in the Scotland Ireland
Mission, her name is Sister Eggett, so if any of you ever meet her or know
her, let her know we say hello!

Our lesson with Nikki on Wednesday was good, we really felt the spirit and
she asked me to pray twice because she really likes my prayers ahah (I had
already said the opening prayer and she asked me to say the closing). I
love the ice cream here. It is wonderful aha.

The Elder's taught us a grammar principle in class on Thursday, it was
really funny aha! Sister Hadley and Brother Cordon were being students
like us and the Elders were being the teachers. Sister Hadley and Brother
Cordon were being funny and misbehaved students, it was hilarious. The
Elders told Brother Cordon to focus and he said "Ngoh wuih fuigoi" (I will
repent) hahaha. Our lesson with Lahm ji muih was fantastic! The Spirit was
super strong and it was just so great. Also I got photos from home! They
finally came and now they're up all over my wall haha.

On Friday, Sister Stafford, Sister Rees and I were helping each other learn
the Cantonese months and it was so funny because it's so difficult to
correspond the months with the number and Sister Rees was getting
frustrated, she couldn't get August as the 8th month and October as the
10th into her head ahah. (e.g. January = yatyuht = one month, August =
baatyuht = eight month.)

TRC was really good on Saturday, we taught 2 recently returned missionaries
from Hong Kong and they were good to talk to. They were good fun and we had
really good feedback from them :) We taught about Quentin L. Cook's talk
from conference about Faith. Brother Anderson taught our class today and
he gave the closing prayer in Cantonese Sign Language, it was so good! He
served in a deaf area for 3 months so he picked it up well.

Sunday was great as usual. I really enjoyed fast and testimony meeting and
also the Sunday night devotional was really great. President and Sister
Martino took it and it was so personal. They were talking about their lives
and about the missionaries that taught each of them and how those
missionaries have had such a strong effect on the rest of their lives in
the church and probably have no idea. I can't wait to help change
someone's life for the better. It makes me so so excited to go out to Hong
Kong in 3 weeks to begin helping people come unto Christ. Ahhhh so

I love you all and miss you all!

~Kei ji muih :)

Sister Lucy Anne Teenie Keery
2005 N 900 E Unit 19
Provo, UT 84602

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