March 27, 2017


Provo, Utah


Sister Lima Po

Week 4


I've been here a month... whaaaaat?!

If any of you have ang good, clean, funny memes.. please send me them, I enjoy a good laugh. I'm sure you all saw the one Holly accidentally sent out to everyone HAHAHAHA.

So on Monday night during class, Sister Hadley was getting us to repeat sentences after her and then she got us to close our eyes to help us memorise them and when I opened my eyes she was right in front of me staring at me, it scared the life out of me! I was crying with laughter and she was really apologetic because she thought that she had scared me so much that I was crying, hahaha. I love her laugh, it's really really cute.

Do any of you know Lexi Walker? She's quite a famous young LDS singer, and she came to sing with the choir on Tuesday! Her voice is so beautiful 😊 So do you remember when I said I had offended one of the teachers because he had asked me who had spelt my name wrong and then I was like 'people always spell my name wrong, it can get annoying'.. well his name is Brother Eyring and I forgot to say.. but he is Henry B. Eyring's grandson hahaha, oops! 😋 He's really nice and fun though so he didn't take it to heart, I was apologetic. Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy and his wife came to speak with us on Tuesday, it was a really great devotional, one thing that stood out to me was; "I'm not perfect, but I'm good enough."

Sister Burtenshaw was teaching me how to play volleyball on Tuesday, we were just passing the ball to each other for 20 mins or so and she said I'm like a volleyball prodigy, who would have known? 😉 My hands and arms are all bruised now though, but no pain no gain, am I right? haha. Also guess who got to host.. again? OUR DISTRICT hahahah, District A would be so mad 😋 I love hosting, it's a lot of fun to make others feel welcome and be reminded of my first day here too. Our investigators are progressing well, it's so good to see them and feel them come unto Christ, it's a very humbling experience. Even though there is a language barrier, the Spirit helps always. We learnt the fist vision this week, it's pretty cool 😋

Have any of you seen a video of a 30-40 year old English man doing an impression of a little English boy called Tim who is 3 nearly 6? He calls up a primary school in one video and a car dealership in another? Well if you have then you'll know what I'm on about.. I can do the voice really really well and everyone here is constantly getting me to do it because they find it absolutely hilarious.. I'm so weird, I know. Also I tried using a fountain pen that I brought with me and the ink wasn't coming out so Sister Rees told me to shake it and I did and the ink splattered all over my face, I've never ran to a sink so fast in my life HAHA. 😂

Two elders came up to us on Thursday and shared a message in Hungarian, it was so cool! They said they just like to walk around the MTC and practise sharing lessons, I think we might have to start doing that, I think it would be helpful. Also we got given our Cantonese name tags, they're pretty awesome! I also got tapped on the shoulder when in the dinner line and it was Sister Ruth Hansen! I met her at the Huddersfield YSA Convention, it was super nice to see her again 😁

TRC was good again on Saturday, we taught an older man who comes ever Saturday without fail to help the missionaries, he is wonderful. We memorised 1 Nephi 3:7 with Brother Eyring today in class, I need to keep going over it though or I'll forget it haha.

Yesterday was good, Sunday's always are. The theme for this week was 'How to recognise and understand the Spirit" Sister Lima - Po and I gave a good district meeting lesson. In Relief Society the thing that stood out to me was "Faith isn't anything if you're not willing to act on it", I gotta have faith! So do you! Act on it! Faith combined with action brings power! haha 😊 The BYU Men's Chorus took the evening devotional, it was fantastic, they sang a lot of beautiful songs and hymns and some of them bore their testimonies throughout. Their chorister served in the Ireland Mission, how cool! Brother Seaow taught us how to write our names in the Cantonese characters, mine is pretty cool, he showed us the stroke order too, I draw mine everywhere now haha.

We watched the Joseph Smith movie and it was incredible, I cried a lot because I didn't like the fact that he got murdered. 🙁 He truly is a prophet of God who restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today, he's my favourite prophet 😋

This morning we did sealings in the temple, it was so nice because I was reminded of the time that I got sealed to my family, I loved it 😊

That's all I have for this week! I'll send some pictures in a bit, didn't take too many this week but I'll see if I can find any good ones to send 😊

I love my companion, I love my district, I love being a missionary and I love the gospel.

Love and miss you all,

Until next week,

~Sister Keery💜


Sister Lucy Anne Teenie KeeryMAY02 CHN-HK2005 N 900 E Unit 19Provo, UT 84602

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