March 20, 2017


Provo, Utah


Sister Lima Po

Week 3

Léihdeih hóu! This week has been, well, interesting I guess haha. So on Monday Ha jí muih was talking about one of her favourite companions on her mission and said "She never got the language" and then on Tuesday at the Devotional, Linda K. Burton (The RS General President) spoke to us and she said that when they served in Korea they had a wonderful sister but "She never got the language". Hearing this two days in a row made me feel like I'm going to be that person that doesn't get the language and so I was getting worried and was feeling inadequate. But I know I can do it, I just have to believe in myself and rely on the Lord, He will help me :) I can now lift 15lbs on each arm ;) I'm getting stronger with all these weights and exercises! hahaha. Sister Lima-Po and I had so much to do this week, we had 2 lessons with Nikki (they were tough but the Spirit was there, she is going to read the Book Of Mormon), 2 lessons with a less active sister (which were so so good, she's coming to church!), 2 lessons to plan for TRC, this is where we go each Saturday starting Sat just past and we teach members, it's lovely :) and we also had to plan a lesson for RS and a talk for Sacrament just incase we got called up! It's been a mad week. Class always seems so spiritual, I love it :) I feel like when we're doing roleplays that the situations really apply in my life, it's great. Elder Vowels felt inspired to ask me to read over my farewell talk after he saw that I was upset about the "She never learnt the language" and it really helped me feel more confident in myself as I read through the points and the scriptures that I shared, one in particular that stood out was Matthew 28:19-20, its amazing! So on Wednesday I woke up with a sore eye and while we were getting ready I burnt myself while using the steamer, silly me haha. Sister Lima-Po and I went to the Doctors and I got my hand bandaged up. It was so sore :( WE HOSTED NEW MISSIONARIES! It was so cool :) I hosted a really tall Sister from SLC, she was lovely and then I hosted a little sister from Arizona, her room is on the same floor as mine so I see her a lot and we always chat, she's so lovely :) it was good fun hosting but my hand hurt a lot :( So on Thursday I woke up and my eye had puffed up so I started to get really worried so I went to the Doctors again, they remembered me haha, I'm becoming a regular :P and so the doctor told me to go to the Student Health Centre and pick up eye drops and some tablets that he prescribed, so Sister L-P and I got to leave the MTC which was fun haha, although it was only a 2 min walk but ahh well! My burn was better though, I bet it will scar, but sure, my fault for being stupid aha! I was singing HSM with the Mandarin sisters in our Zone, they're so funny, and I noticed that sister Li had gone missing and so I looked around the corner and she was sitting in a wheely chair drinking out of the water fountain, it was absolutely hilarious HAHAHA! On Thursday my eye was even puffier and I was getting scared and so I went to the doctor again and he changed the tablets and said they should help :) and now my eye is pretty much back to normal! He wants me to go back today to check up and make sure it is all okay, I've been so injured this week haha what am I like! Sister Rees is fab at impressions, she's so so funny and cracks all of us up so much. They all were mad at me because it was St. Patrick's Day and I didn't wear green.. I don't have anything green! So in honour of Ireland I wrote a load of Irish names on the board like Caoimhe and Eoighan and got them to try pronouncing them, it was so funny haha! I love Sunday's here, they're always so humbling and lovely. Our RS lesson went really well and I did a lot of good Personal Study. Sister Wright's district and the other Mandarin district left this morning so they all sang together yesterday in Sacrament :) In choir we'll be singing back up for a little girl called Lexi on Tuesday, she's the cute little girl that sings on the internet! Devotional was lovely, Jacob 6 popped into my head during it and I read verse 11, it was to do with the devotional! How weird! Am I going to be that missionary that has scriptures randomly popping into their head to do with things happening around them?! So cool :) Well that's all I have for this week! I just want you all to know that I'm doing well and I love it here :) I can feel myself coming closer to Heavenly Father and to Christ and I can feel myself growing constantly, it's all very real. I love it. :) Until next time, Sister Keery 😁 Sister Lucy Anne Teenie Keery MAY02 CHN-HK 2005 N 900 E Unit 19 Provo, UT 84602 OOOOH ALSO! I memorized the missionary purpose in Cantonese, this is it (I don't know how to put the tones on it so I'll just leave them off) : Sanwaih chyuhngaausih, ngohmuhn dik muhkdik sih yiuching tayahn gwaiheung GeiDuk, jihkjeuhk hipjoh tamuhn puihyeuhng deui YehSou GeiDuk kahpkeih suhkjeuih dik seunsam, fuigoi, sailaih, jipsauh singlihng yanchi woh chihsaudoudai loih bongjoh tamuhn jipsauh fuhking dik fukyam. 😁😁😁


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