March 19, 2017


Chernivtsi (чернівці)


Mackenzie Mitchell

Week 14: The Ukrainian Language

Well for some reason the fact that I can't speak Ukrainain what just really getting to me! I have just been really frustrated with myself all week long. However this week was still good. We got transfer calls and we are staying in a Trio in Chernivtsi! Sister Mitchell, Sister Cherneha, and I. And Elder Frehener is coming down from Ivano!!!! Literally more than half our district is going to be people from the MTC hahaha!
This week really kicked my butt! It's been a crazy week and I just feel this constant inadequacy, but slowly I'm feeling more and more helpful. It's just hard when you can't even understand the lady at the grocery store, and I think how could I ever help someone a church or find out someones needs if I can't understand them . It really hit me on Sunday, I felt like I was going insane and then the ward crazy lady started comforting me saying "Everything will be okay." And in the moment I was like, "Wow how crazy am I? The crazy lady is comforting me." That was a slice of humble pie right there!
But you know what I realized, that the Lord is able to take the mess of a person that I am and turn me into something beautiful, His servant, His disciple. And even more beautiful he can help others through me! This week more than even I realized how much I love these people, their love and concern for me this week was amazing, you know I always knew I was going to come here and do good and hopefully bless the lives of others, but I never knew how much these people would bless my life.
I've just felt this extreme pressure to be my very best lately and if I don't do that then I am a complete failure, but that's not true. The Lord is not just watching over us, looking at us as a dissapointment He is always having to correct, He is cheering us on, and He sees us as champions!!

Love ya'll! See ya next week!

Pic 1) This town was ready for me!!!
Pic 2) Meet baby Jones and baby Mitchell
Pic 3) Very original Ukraine....very original


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