April 24, 2017


L'viv (львїв)


Sister Rizley

Week 19: jk lol I'm dying

Hey ya'll well this week wasn't the bestest! Idk what happened to my body but let's just say not good stuff

TMI alert: Bascially I've thrown up everyday this week since Tuesday. I kind of feel like a walking dead person. I think my immune system hates me haha because now every other part of my body is getting sick, BUT I have faith that everything is going to work out ❤ Other than me dying again, this week has been great. My stay with the Rizley's is over and I'm back in Chernivtsi, and we had a BAPTISM! It was so amazing his name is Andriy and please send him your prayers! He is the cutest, most shy person I've ever met, but on Sunday after he got confirmed and he bore his testimony, he was just smiling soooo bright!!! I loved it! Other than that really not too much going on this week, due to the fact that I basically have been toilet/bedridden for the past forever! But this time has allowed my to contemplate and listen to a lot of conference talks!

I invite you all to listen to Elder Marvin Ashton's talk called "Who's Losing?" There are such great messages contained in that sermon. Also, listen to anything from 1985 April General Conference, all amazing talks in there. There was one by Keith Wilcox titled "Looking for the Beautiful" What great advice always looking for the good in life. There is so much around us to rejoice in, and sometimes our own attitudes stop us from seeing it. Also I put ina great quote from Elder Ashton's talk. What we do with what happens to us is more important than what happens to us. How true that statement is, I know that I have a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of me. And he is aware of Andriy and he is aware of you. He knows you, your struggles, your pains, but more importantly he knows your joys, He knows what bring you happiness and He showers down blessings upon you everyday! Choose you this day to follow the Savior, whatever that may mean to you, Baptism, Temple attendance, Word of Wisdom problems, struggling with your testimony, struggling with health, or maybe you're wondering whether its all true or not. Whatever the problem may be, just give it your best, put your trust in the Lord, and leave the rest to Him. Use the power of His Atonement in your life, it will set you free. I love you all, and I pray for all of you everday!

God bless Ukraine 💙💛

1) Elder Ashton quote
2) me and sister Rizley 😇


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