April 3, 2017


Chernivtsi (чернівці)


Tetyana Havryliuk (тетяна гаврилюк)

Week 16: Lennon bridge is falling down (Title courtesy of Sister Mitchell)

Well do to the fact that my wrist is basically broken I have a voice message for ya'll.....enjoy!
Voice recording:
"Good Morning! This is Sister Jones and I am doing a voice message because, oh, I practically broke my wrist. I'm sure none of you are surprised by I have hurt myself yet again! I slipped and hit my head and passed out again. To be honest I don't remember any of it. They told me I talked to President Rizley and Sister Rizley and the doctor. Nope don't remember anything. It was good other than that. We did some service with potatoes naturally with Oleg Bolanda. Here in Ukraine all service involves potatoes! Pictures to come form all this craziness! I feel so stupid right now, my brain isn't really working right now. It makes me think of the Gordon B Hinckley story where the guy just keeps getting hit in the head with bricks and just keeps hurting himself. I'll attach it for you guys so you can watch it! Anyway, I feel like that guy right now, buy hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! I'm living proof of that! yeah so I've been confined to bed rest and I feel so bad for my poor companion, I probably gave the poor girl a heart attack this weekend! This week has been fun, you know my brain is a little slow, I feel a little weird and my brain doesn't but this week was good! Anyway, I don't know what else to say, and I'm tired and want to stop talking so talk to you next week"

1) Elders came to our apartment and gave me a blessing....I was so confused I thought I was dreaming!
2) Bed rest for me!!!!
3) On our way to service, in the back of Oleg's sketchmeister van!

-Gordon B Hinckley Brick Story-


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