March 13, 2017


Chernivtsi (чернівці)


Izabella Dishlanian (изабелла дишланян)

Week 13: Friends!

This week was just full of love and making new friends!

This week was our 1 month anniversary in Ukraine! Hoopla! Can you believe it? It is so amazing being able to serve with one of my friends from the MTC in a Trio, Sister Mitchell is the bomb! Today has been sad though, my companion Sister Dishlanian left this morning on her way to serve her mission in Salt Lake!

This week I have really tried to just completely focus my efforts on others and my love that I have for them. I have been feeling kind of selfish! Somedays I just always think about how I am feeling and you think that would make you happy but it really doesn't! So I really focused on just expressing my gratitude to others and tring to make friends everywhere I went, which seems kind of hard since I still can't really understand what people are saying haha, but IT WORKED! Now all over Chernivtsi I have friends! The guard at the grocery store, the lady who sells croissants, the guy who sells panini's, and the lady at the bread store. They are all my friends now just because I started saing hi to them everytime I walked in, and now even if I don't buy anything I usually just pop my head in and say hi! They always smile and always appreciative!

Everyday I just make small little goals like that, that slowly help me became better and better, because before it just seemed like there were so many things that I needed to improve, I would just think to myself, "Is anything right with me?" It just seemed like a daunting task!!! But just like any improvement in life it is just one step and a time! Every day small little goals like "I will make someone smile today." Seriously one day my goal was "Drink all the water I was suppose to drink" the point is you just have to start somewhere! Then that is when you see miracles in yourself and others around you!

-well this week I had a 20 minute conversation with Oleg, in which we only spoke Russian, German, Chinese, English, French, and any other random language he could come up with haha! He tries to speak English to me but it literally is just straight garbage hahaha, he just throws out any word he knows and puts it into a sentence!
-Did I mention I'm in the same district as Mark Abraham?! Saint George gotta represent in Ukraine!
-This week I seriously ate chocolate everyday, nutella, chocolate bars, chocolate croissants, and a cup of melted chocolate from L'viv Chocolate! Basically if it was chocolate I was eating it! What's wrong with me?
-It was international womens day and the Elder bought us flowers and we got MORE chocolate at church on Sunday!

Love you all!
pictures: 1) Dropping off Sister Dishlanian at the train station :( "Sadness" as she would say
2) Celebrating our 1 month anniversary
3) Celebrating womens day with Sister Chernega and all the rest of our district
4) Artsy pic taken by none other than the famous sister Mitchell


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