February 27, 2017


Chernivtsi (чернівці)


Izabella Dishlanian (изабелла дишланян)

Week 11: Miracles

oooh yet another fandidilytastic week!

Trying to get back into the swing of things after the emergency transfer, but as usual no rest for the righteous and 2 days later we packed up and went to district conference!

Miracle story #1 We got on the train and there was this lady that seriously looked like the Ukrainian version of my Aunt Sara! anyway I just had the urge to talk to here and I didn't and she got off the train and we went on with our lives. well...... on Sunday when we went home, who was on the train? That woman and her son again!!! We sat in the SAME EXACT spots on the train as before. Almost like the Lord was saying, "Wanna try this again Sister Jones?" Well we sit down and we start talking to each other, turns out her friend at work was a member of the church and he would always invite her to come to church (What a great member missionary!) We sat and talked to her son for the whole train ride and we became friends and her and her son are going to come to English class and hopefully church on Sunday! Thankfully our God is a God of second chances and put us in each others path again!

Miracle story #2 During our time in L'viv we visited a less active named Tamara, and we were just dropping off an invitations and she opens the door and says "Are you here to teach me a lesson my dears?" Well being the good little missionaries we are, we said YES...why yes we are! We taught her an amazing lesson, and miracle, she would speak English to me! At the she looks at me and then looks to Sister Dishlanian and says,"Do you see it? Do you see it in her?" we were both like see what? the she says, "The SUNSHINE! She has filled my home with the spirit of the Lord and I love her for it, Sister Jones will I ever see you again my dear? You are so joyful and happy and full of energy!" At that point my little heart was just filled with love and I almost started crying, that was the nicest thing ever! We asked her to pray and she says, "Father in heaven, we thank you for the sunshine, we thank you for the wind, we thank you for my little sisters here to help me feel your love, AMEN!" She just had the biggest smile on her face and she is so active in the gospel but her husband cant get out of bed and she cant leave him at home so she never is able to come to church, but honestly I didn't know people could have that much love inside of them!

This week I have learned the importance of member and missionaries working together, it truly becomes the Lord's work we members and missionaries work hand in hand. Elder Kacher of the seventy really chastened us this week because none of us could name all the leaders in our ward and during conference he looked out over the congregation and said,"There are 280 of you here today, there are 690 that are not here. Do you know who they are? Do you know their names? Its was the kick in the pants that everyone needed! That's the beautiful thing about this gospel though, you can repent and then keep progressing, there is always somewhere you can improve! So that is my invitation to ya'll this week, reach out to someone in your ward that you don't see often enough at church, because I know that you know someone, and help them feel loved and needed, because they are! And trust me, as you help someone else come closer to Christ you can't help but come with them!

I love you all! Until next week!
1)Me and my "Bro" reunited at district conference (If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked if we are siblings, I'd be loaded!)
2)Sister Dishlanian at Tamara's house cleaning she sat there and watched us clean and just kept saying "Be attentive my dears be attentive!" hahaha
3) this is what happens when sister missionaries have 15 minutes of free time. We become bridesmaids at the Hawkins apartment haha!


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