February 20, 2017


Rivne (Рівне)


Izabella Dishlanian (изабелла дишланян)

Week 10: "You're gonna miss the Morris!"

Oh my goodness! I love Ukraine. It is so weird these are my people!
Okay so not a lot of time to write today, because guess what, I have an emergency transfer and I'm going to Chernivtsi today!

I have just found so much joy in the work this week! The more work we do, the crazier experiences happen and the more happy I get! The people here in Rivne are so amazing and I am going to miss them, but I am excited for Chernivtsi!!!

I have become more and more fearless everyday I have been here in Ukraine and I can feel that I am becoming the missionary the Lord wants me to be! I always sing the song the President and Sister Clark sang for us about opening your mouth and discover a friend!
I am going to miss sister Morris me and her have developed such a strong relationship already! haha the first thing she says to me when she heard about my transfer was "darn and I was just starting to not hate you!" hahaha our relationship is so weird! She keeps saying to me " you are going to miss the Morris!" Hahaha
Funny story: so an investigator calls us up and says I left my guitar in the church, will you bring it to me? So I was just walking around town with this lady's guitar and we ended up getting like 3 numbers on the way because people kept asking about why I had a guitar and why I came here from America.

Good times here in Ukraine! Love you all Got to go !!! Church is true!


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