February 13, 2017


Rivne (Рівне)


Izabella Dishlanian (изабелла дишланян)

Week 9: Rivne!

Well I made it! I'm in Urkaine!

I was really sad to leave the MTC and all the amazing people and teachers there, but I excited for what lies ahead!

It's crazy being here, it's harder than I ever expected it to be and I feel like I've done nothing yet. We've had quite the insteresting first couple of days in L'viv. I got my companion Sister Dishlanian, she is from Kyiv and we went out contacting with her and Sister Romney and it was crazy, like this guy was just yelling at us "Why are you here?!? Go home!" Then he was grabbing Sister Romney's hair and saying in english "No sexy no sexy!" I was literally so confused haha. It just been a party since then, the buses are great, and we almost got thrown up on by a drunk guy! I mean when will the fun stop?

Sister and Elder Cihak (The Senior missionaries) are my salvation! I literally love them so much! Elder Cihak's stories are the best haha, he told us this story of how his neighbor asked him to come give a blessing and when he showed up at her house, she wanted it for her dog haha AND HE DID IT! Oh man I just love them! I'm sad I had to leave them!

My first area is going to be Rivne! I'm going to be with Sisters' Dishlanian, Morris, and Fedotova and Elders' Jones(Almost every member has asked if we are brother and sister) , Van Neiderhousen(I think thats how you spell it), Machenko?(seriously I need to learn how to spell), and last but not least Aslanyan! I'm excited for this group and this area! It's been hard though I feel like a baby, all the sisters just drag me from place to place and speak for me and do everything for me, I try to talk or do things but it just doesn't work. I think I've taken "humble yourself before Him as a little child" to the extreme. On Saturday we were all standing outside in a circle and everyone was talking in Ukrainian and Russian and then all of the sudden this stray dog comes in the middle and I just look at him like "You and me man! You're the only one I can understand!" Since then animals just seem to just find me like Snow White or something!

I bore my first tesitimony in Ukraine on Sunday, I cried...a lot naturally so I don't think anyone could understand me, and then I couldn't stop crying. I cry a lot lately. I just know that the Lord is making me into what I need to be. It all just takes time! Hope and faith play such a different role in my life now, because hope is all I have and faith is all I can depend on. This mission is going to be tough, but I know I'm just going to love it as I depend more and more on the Lord! Because of Jesus Christ's I atonment I know that He understands perfectly what I'm going through and I am so grateful for His sacrifice for us. I invite you all this week to ponder His Atonementand what that means for you and think of all the blessings and tender mercies you have seen in your life because of Him.

Love and miss you all more than ever!!
Sister Jones ❤

Sorry I literally took like one photo this week


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