February 1, 2017


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney


Well I leave for Ukraine in 5 days and if you think I haven't had a mental break down about that already, you'd be wrong :) We have a tally mark going on how many times we cry a day, the number is high, that all I'm going to say haha!

This week started out really tiring, I was so tired and I just wanted to give up and then in class we talked about the Savior's sacrifice for us, all the many miracles He did for us, and continues to do for us and in that moment I just thought, "How? How did it do it? How did He endure all that pain, sorrow, guilt, sickness, and sin of the world?" In the moment I think I truly understood what the Atonement meant for Him, and understood what it​​ meant to me. I think I'm starting to understand what it means to come before God with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

But the Lord provides tender mercies one of those being that we were just walking down the walkway and this senior missionary stops us and says, "You two are just the most adorable people I have ever seen , you two are going to be amazing missionaries!" And then she gave us a hug and said that she was "adopting" us. Well now we see her and her husband (Elder and Sister Despain) everywhere and we seriously eat dinner with them and we just call them our parents, and you know you've gotten into the family when other senior missionaries recognize you and ask if you're Elder and Sister Despain's "kids" hahaha. They are going to Romania and they told us to meet them at the border for lunch sometime haha! They may be the greatest people I've ever met, I love them with all my heart!

Yesterday, we had Elder and Sister Meurs come speak to us and of course every doubt in my mind was addressed. He talked about how everyone of us feel inadequate to the call of being a missionary and even when Moses and Enoch were called to the work they said "Lord, I am slow of speech." Then you read like 2 chapters later and the earth trembles because they can speak with the power of God! So I know I'm gonna be just fine! And the Sister Meurs really touched my heart with her soft and sweet testimony of us and the Savior, it was so humble and SO powerful. Also, they are from New Zealand and Sister Romney turns to me and says, "Is it weird that I think her accent is making me feel the spirit more?" Gosh I love Sister Romney!

I'm so so excited to go to Ukraine and teach the people, I know it going to take months to get the language down but I am so stoked! We had interview with Brother Cazanave this week, and during our interview he pulls out his scriptures and says, "Every time I read this verse I think of you." Then he read part of Mosiah 2:41 "And consider the happy state of those who keep the commandments." He just said how joyful I was and how happy I was when I talked about the Gospel! My heart almost exploded! I've never had anyone associate a scripture with me and that made me so happy!
I do love this gospel, it does bring me so much joy and I know how much joy it is going to bring to the people of Ukraine! This gospel can bring peace the soul that nothing else can! The Lord can lighten all your burdens and disperse any fear you have in life! That is my challenge to all of you this week is to find 10 scriptures that give you comfort and strength and read them in in your time of need! I know there is a lot to be fearful about in life, our jobs, our schooling, our relationships, and hey maybe you're going to a country where you don't know the language (oh wait that's me) Whatever you may be fearing in life right now, know that the Lord is their and He loves you and whatever is happening to you know is going to help you become you need to be! Give your will to the Father, it is Him who said "Give me yourself and in exchange I will give you Myself. My will, shall become your will. My heart, shall become your heart."

I love you all!!! I can't believe I'm going to Ukraine in 5 days!!!!!!

My new address for letters!
Akademika Sakharova 43 str., office 311
Akademika Sakharova 43 str., office 311

1) Us with our parents!!! Sister and Elder Despain!
2) Sister Smith after our mental breakdown (we're awesome!)


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