January 18, 2017


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney

Week 6: він сказав так

I have lived to see another week! I'm still not allowed to play basketball but I'm doing fine! Funny story: so the first time going back to gym after I got my concussion, Sister Romney turns to me and says,"So does you scar hurt when you are in the presence of a volleyball, like when Harry Potter's scar hurts in the presence of Voldemort?" I said, "Yes! It's Volleymort!!!" We thought that was the funniest thing in the world! I love her so much!!!!

This week I have definitely learned that fear and faith cannot exist at the same time! Lately, I've been getting so fearful when we teach lessons, doubting myself in about everyway possible and it shows in the lessons. As a missionary and just in life generally it is hard not to doubt ourselves, but when we doubt ourselves (especially in a calling from the Lord) we are doubting the power of the Lord!
I also learned this week from Sister Gilbert (one of the wifes of the new MTC presidency) that we receive the Gift of Love when we receive a calling. I had never thought about that before, I mean of course we love everyone in the world, but the Lord gives you specific gifts to love the people you are serving! And I do love the Ukrainian people already!
Missionary work is hard, but "every day is a great day in the service of the Lord!" This week we were challenged to go before the Lord and ask Him what he would have us change to become better, I invite all of you to do the same thing! Ask the Lord in humble prayer what he would have you change. You may already know exactly what you need to change, you may have to search a little bit for the thing He would have you change, it may be an issue with obedience or maybe you need to be kinder to our family or maybe you haven't prayed to God in a while, whatever it is, start working on it now!
We did not come on this earth to fail! And if we continue to improve ourselves we will never fail!

-Our investigator commited to baptism his week! (Yay!) We ran around after our lesson yelling "він сказав так" (He said yes!) We got into the lunch room sat down and looked at each other then said, "Well what do we do know? I don't know, I didn't think we'd get this far!" haha it reminded me of the Best Two Years!
-Me and Eler Aslan fo some reason have not been the best of friends this week and then we agreed on something and we became friends again , all of the sudden Brother Cazanave tells us "Remember January 12th" and we we like "What?", he said "January 12th: The da sister Jones and elder Aslan became friends!" hahah it was so funny!
-The amazing Trio (Sister Morris, Hamon, and Elder Simon) left this week and I'm so sad! I keep asking the oher Russian Elders where Simon went and they keep telling me not to worry that he just went to the bathroom and will be right back haha!
- My "cousin' and his district left this week! Haha poor Elder Jones and his district probably thought I was insane, we met on the first day of the MTC and ever since then I forced them to be my friends haha! I'm so sad they gone though, it was so fun to walk around the MTC and say, "Hey Cuz!" And they are the ones that stole Brother and Sister Rogers from us! But I still love those Elders!

Love you all! Keep me updated on your lives!

1) The amazing Trio, we gave Simon a bunch of apples becuase he is famous for the way he eats them, gosh we are going to miss them!
2) Our last picture all together on Sunday
3) Me and my cousin and his companion! Heading out to Florida and California spanish speaking!!!


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