January 25, 2017


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney

Week 7: #bestmissionever #comeondown

One word: Tired!

This week has been tiring for sursies! I don't know maybe just because I'm emailing at 6:30am, but I'm tired hahaha

I have really been focusing on obedience this week, and am I to learn better how to receive and recognize revelation for our investigators. Our one investigator is killing us, like I cry probably everyday over him! He doesn't think that God is answering his prayers or loves him or knows him. It is killing me because it is just not true!!!! God hears us, He knows EXACTLY who we are, and He is giving you all the help you need.

This week has been tough, I feel like every second that I'm doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing, I will fail! Like if I relax and not focus on my lessons or investigators for two seconds I feel like a failure. I'm trying to redefine what success means, success to the Lord is how willing you are to submit your will to Him.

Literally if it wasn't for Brother Cazanave I seriously think we would all just give up! The man is an angel! This week has been tough on all of us and he has been able to just lift us right back up and give us the confidence to keep going. His positive attitude and uplifting spirit is just a trait that shouldn't go under appreciated! I think we all could try harder to see the good in one another and be more sincere. Yesterday in class, Brother Cazanave talked about the story of when Christ healed the blind man, and he said that Christ loved healing and helping others. It wasn't a burden for Him to heal people and it isn't a burden to ask Him for help now. Don't feel guilty to ask for help! He is here for you, He loves you!!!!

This week we got a letter from our mission president and some of the missionaries and it made me super excited to go but also scared the crud out of me because we leave in less than two weeks and I don't know any that's cool! One of the Elder's just wrote on my letter "#bestmissionever #comeondown"

I got a voice recorder now!! (Thanks grandma and grandpa! you're the best!)
Hopefully I've got some good stories for ya'll!

Love Sister Jones

Sister Lennon Jones
2005 N 900 E unit 97
Provo Utah 84602


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