January 11, 2017


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney

Week 5: All's well that ends well

Goodness this week was exciting! Fun story: I got a concussion! I was playing Basketball by myself and someone served a Volleyball right into my head, I think I can't really remember haha but then I passed out later and head my head again! It's like Satan didn't know any other to get me down so he was like, "Well we haven't tried hitting her in the head." Yeah I thought I was fine but then on Sunday my nose wouldn't stop bleeding so President Clark made me promise to go to the clinic and yep concussion! I'm still kickin' though so the work will go on!

We have been spoiled yet again this week, Elder Neil Anderson came yesterday for our devotional, because the MTC presidency is being released. He talked about how the blessing of missionary work don't come until after our missions or much later sometimes! He said "It might seem to you that you've always been a missionary, and you'll always be a missionary, but missionary service will end, and it's some times only in looking back where you can see all the blessing of it!" Some of us are meant to sow and some of us are meant to reap, but we all enlisted in the Lord's work. He challenged us to learn of the Savior each day, and as we do truths will sink into out hearts that will never leave us. So that is my challenge to all of you, read a chapter a day of out one of the five gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and 3 Nephi chapters 11-28) and as you read look for things you didn't know about the Savior or reaffirm things you did know about Him! Testify of him often, as you confess the Savior to others, he will confess you to the Father.

I had a chance to talk to Elder Brent Nielson after the devotional (some may remember his talk in conference about the prodigal son) he told me how we might be on the same flight, because he is headed to Russia that same day as us!

Elder Anderson's talk really helped me to not be as sad about all the change that is happening, that everyone's service must come to an end. But I'm still really sad about President and Sister Burgess leaving! The woman is an angel!!! Also, me and Sister Romney were looking around for Brother and Sister Day at the devotional on Tuesday and we realized they were gone! Not gonna lie we got a teary eyed!

This week has been such a testimony builder, the attention has been a lot on me lately ya know due to the concussion, but that's not where I want the attention to be, I want it to be on the Savior and His gospel! I love my Savior and I love this gospel!

1) we got these toy flashlights and decided to be the Scooby-Doo gang!
2) Me with President and Sister Burgess, she was so cute she saw me at breakfast and said "Oh Sister Jones can we please get a photo together!"
3) If you're queasy don't look at the 3rd photo, this is me on Sunday


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