January 5, 2017


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney

Week 4: Я знаю, що мій Викупитель живий. (I know that my Redeemer lives!)

This week was crazy as usual!
I have learned more than ever how to turn outward! I found every time I focused on helping others that not only were there prayers answered but mine were as well. It is so easy to become frustrated with YOURSELF and you want YOURSELF to improve in the language and you want YOURSELF to become more spiritual and be able to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost more, but it is truly only through a meek, humble, and quiet heart where the spirit can truly guide you. You're not just going to receive help because you are frustrated with yourself. I had a bad experience teaching TRC this week and to be honest I felt belittled and hurt from his comments, but I've learned that the Savior simply never took offense and neither should we. That is really the key to a happy life, try not to take offense from anything, people are going to say things that bug you, hurt you, and sometimes our souls will feel ripped in half, but its our choice to have a positive attitude about things!

Sad news! The MTC presidency is leaving this week and I'm sooo sad. Sister Burgess is seriously and angel straight from heaven, she's a Christensen for sure! I want to be her! She shared a story on Sunday about how before they went to Brazil she searched her Portuguese hymn book for "I know my Redeemer lives" she sang the first line over and over again to the tune of the whole song so she could have a testimony in Portuguese, she had all of us sing I know my Redeemer lives and repeat that line 8 times to the tune of the whole song. You bet I was crying, I know it more than ever now that my Redeemer lives!!!

I have realized that positive attitude is everything! Sister Bonnie Oscarson came and spoke to us on Tuesday and she helped to understand that even though this work is hard, it is joyful work! and sometimes God won't change your circumstances but he can help you with a change of heart! As Brother Day says, "Everyday is a great day in the service of the Lord!" Oh goodness I love the Day's, they're being released too this week! Sister Day is my absolute favorite and Brother Day is a spiritual giant! I'll miss them soooooo much!

- stories-
- Elder Aslan stomach has been acting up this week , so we have named it Esther and over the week her personality has grown! hahahahaha gosh we have all been introduced to Esther and oh goodness our teachers think we are insane haha
- We are all obsessed with Elder Simon (Zeemon) from Germany, he is seriously the next Utchdorf. This week he made eat an entire apple, seeds and all, because that's the way he does it! It was disgusting but YOU CAN NOT say no to Elder Simon!
- I hosted Sister Lyu from China this week, I waited and hour out in the snow for her, and when she came back she felt so bad that she held my hands the whole time we were outside so I could stay warm!!! <3 gosh I loved her!
- We cleaned the Chandelier at the temple and it was amazing, so many little pieces!!!!!!!!

1) Me and Sister Lyu
2) Our zone : haha Elder Simon is the adorable German next to me!
3) our New Year's party, the ball dropped promptly at midnight missionary time, sooo about 9:30!


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