December 29, 2016


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney

Week 3: з різдвом! Merry Christmas!

Okay so I'm ready to die now! David Archuleta came and sang to us on Christmas and I shook his hand afterwards!

Thanks to everyone who sent me Christmas letters and presents, keep 'em comin' haha!

I've truly realized that we are in a refiners fire here at the MTC. Elder Arnold was here on Tuesday and he may be my most favorite person ever! He gave us 5 steps to success for being a missionary:
1. Understand who you are and that each of you has been given specific talents
2. Understand the sacredness of your call and what you coveted to you accepted your call
3. Understand and observe the law of obedience
4. Understand your purpose
5. Come home with no regrets!
I think these can be applied to all of us not just missionaries, when we truly realize that life here on earth is a refiners fire and we have all been given specific talents to benefit not just us but each other. When we truly understand our purpose here on earth we "put away childish things" and realize the sacredness of our promises with God. And most importantly Come Home With No Regrets! Don't let worldly things distract you from your end goal of eternal life. While being here I have come to realize what is truly important in this life and let me tell you, none of it is what this life provides, it's all what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ provides. And it's tough, no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but that is why our beloved Savior Jesus Christ atoned for each and every one of the mistakes and that is why you are able each week to partake of the sacrament and renew those covenants, do not take the sacrament for granted!
Elder Oaks was here with us on Christmas and he told a story that I remember him telling in my stake conference years ago. It was about a lady who after a talk he had given came up to him and asked "Why should I go to church?" He told her "Well when you think of all the Savior has done for us, how could you not?" and she said, "Well what has he ever done for me?" It is my prayer that we never forget all that the Savior has done for us! I want to challenge all of you this week while you partake of the sacrament to really ponder and reflect upon all the Savior has done for you.

Ukrainian is going goodish, our teacher Brother Cazanave is a gem, we love him so much. I just want to take him to Ukraine with us!

This week was crazy so much fun stuff with Christmas
-Well David Archuleta touched my hand so I'm ready to go to heaven!
- Elder Simon from Germany complimented me at dinner yesterday and I am so happy, Elder Simon is going to be the next Utchdorf I'm sure of it, he's a saint!
-We had PB&J, fondue, sausage, cheese, bread, chips, and soda for Christmas, me and Sister Romney put our desks together to make a "dinner table"
- Found out Elder Corey's grandpa's brother is Elder Christofferson and I'm mad that he didn't tell me before because he is my favorite Apostle!
-The Elder's make fun of me because all I ever say to them is "Stawwwp! Be nice!"
- I discovered I couldn't see this week, I was at the devotional and I always thoughtthat the screen was just blurry and we were too far away to see the speakers faces, but then I borrowed Sister Mitchell's glasses and it was so amazing, I started to cry haha, but we cry over everything here, at least me and Sister Romney do. Anytime someone gives us news that might be sad the Elders always look at us and say "Don't cry sisters, don't cry, it okay." I guess were a little unstable haha!

Anyway, everything is great here and Christmas in the MTC was definitely something I will never forget!

я люблю всіх! I love you all!!!!

Ukraine L'viv Mission
2005 N 900 E unit 97
Provo, Utah


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