December 22, 2016


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney

Week two! The world saw fisherman, Jesus Christ saw Apostles

​​Week two down! I'm lovin' it here! Language still seems impossible and our investigators never know what we're saying but it's all good haha!

So this week was really focused on repentance. Before I came here I thought of repentance as just asking for forgiveness and trying your hardest to forsake the sin you repented of, but if we have this mindset then there can truly be no "perfecting of the saints". Repentance is for the saint as much as it is the sinner! Repentance is a can be a joyful experience for us all! for some repentance is a might change of heart, but for most repentance happens quietly and privately when we ask, "Father, what would you have me do?" "What would you have me change?" Repentance is for those seeking self-improvement not wallowing in self-contentment. It is a daily process by which we continually seek guidance from our Heavenly Father and through his guidance become like Him. I have found that the Spirit will not guide those who sit and wait, it guides those who do! Most of the time being guided by the Spirit just means doing what we are suppose to do, being where we are supposed to be, doing good and then that is when we have the privilege of being and instrument in His holy hand. If we remain obedient to the Lord's commandments and ask Him daily what we need to change then we can always have the spirit with us!
My favorite light the world this week was "Jesus saw potential in others and so can you!" I think we not only need to see the potential in others but in ourselves as well! When the world saw fishermen, Jesus Christ saw apostles. The same can be said for us, Christ sees us in our perfected state, he KNOWS our potential and we are capable of so much more then we think!
Our devotional speakers and performers this week were the Piano Guys and they were amazing!

Story Time
- This week Elder Aslan went through the temple for the first time and we were going to go to the session with Him. Well it was 1:15 and we thought the session started at 1:30, so we just start running for the temple. As were running we all look back at Sister Romney and she hadn't put her shoes on yet, we were screaming to have her put her shoes on but she just kept running saying "FOR ASLAN!!!!" As we got closer I looked up to the sky and said in Ukrainian "Please Heavenly Father, Please oh Please let us make it!" We get into the temple barley able to breathe then we find out the session didn't start until 2:40 so all was well haha!
-We have a conspiracy the our investigator Vlad killed his family! Anytime something suspicious comes up we blame Vlad
-So Elder Aslan has been going back and forth on whether or not to go home back to Armenia, and he has finally decided to stay!!! YAY we love him!!! President Bertasso (MTC Presidency) came and taught us about the Plan of Salvation and it was great for Elder Aslan and all of us!
-Shout out to Mama Jones for all the presents, the Elders love you!
-The MTC makes you appreciate the little things, like Tape. haha we opened a box from Cectpa Smith's mom and it had tape and we all cheered!
-Also, music and the spoken word is now my favorite thing! I never watched it before!

Love you all! 😘

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