December 15, 2016


Provo MTC


Kennedy Romney

Lennon's Weekly Missionary Email

Hi Everyone!!! I'm here at the MTC and it's P-Day!!!

I feel like I have already been here for years!

Being here is such a spiritually uplifting experience and I love every moment of it! Don't get me wrong it's hard, exhausting, and I doubt my ability to learn Ukrainian daily! Elder Holland was our devotional speaker this Tuesday and he said something that was very profound, naturally. He said that this work that we are doing and the message that we are sharing is astonishing so we need to BE ASTONISHING! Eternal salvation has never been a cheap experience, and why would we ever expect discipleship to be easy when it was never easy for Him.
(p.s. I was in the choir at the devotional and it was broadcasted to all the other MTC's and I got some major screen time if you want to see me! You can try to find it online!)

My District and Branch

Sister Romney (my companion): Listen the only way to describe Sister Romney is that she is absolutely amazing! We we best friends from day one! Basically, if anyone knows who Kayla Spilker is then you know who Sister Romney is, because they are TWINS!!!! No joke it is freaking me out how much they are alike!
Sister Mitchell & Sister Smith: Sister M is super artistic and funny and sister Smith is smart and very athletic, at gym time it makes me tired even watching her haha!
The Trio: Elder Corey, Aslanyan, and Frehner make up the trio and I swear if they didn't have Elder Corey they would never know where each other were haha! Elder Aslan is the Armenian superstar, Elder Corey is the responsible one, and me and Elder Frehner have worn matching scarves twice now haha! I literally have started a book of things that Elder Aslan says hahaha!
Elder Devey & Cook: Devey is our District Leader and Aslan calls him Spidermormon because he did a backflip in class one day! Cook I seriously only hear one word from him "Dopobachennya" (sorry no ukrainian keyboard haha) It means goodbye!
President and Sister Clark: oh my goodness they are amazing! They should be translated by now haha! Seriously, I have never met such spiritual giants! President Clark called me Dynamite and I have been called to be the door greeter for sacrament! President Clark was Mission President in St.Petersburg Russia!

- I saw Elder Christian Stucki on Saturday, its was good to see him before he shipped out to Japan!
- Me and the Trio were at lunch on day and we always make fun of Elder Corey for spilling on himself and he said "I do not!" literally 2 minutes later he knocks his glass into his lap and we LOST IT!!!! I can not explain in writing how long and how hard we laughed, we had the ENTIRE cafeteria looking at us! And of course my charming cackle came out hahaha!
-Elder Corey was trying to explain to our investigator the story of Nephi's arrow breaking and he couldn't think of the word for broke so he just had gestured using a bow and then he said "Brrroooke" and the investigator could not contain his laughter because Corey just said it with an accent hahaha!

Anyway. I seriously LOVE you all sooo much, your thoughts and prayers are sustaining me! the work is hard but it's good! And I'll send pictures once we figure it out haha

Love, Sister Jones!

Ukraine L'viv Mission

P.S. handwritten letters are like GOLD here! just sayin'! ;)

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