April 9, 2018




Sister Courtney Ashmead

Butter Beer you say??

Hey y'all!!

The Crowder Family helped fulfill my Harry Potter dreams this week! I am one happy girl :)) Yes, I finally had some good butter beer!!! We drank out of goblets, laughed, talked in British accents, and lived the Harry Potter dream! I loved every second of it! Anything we do with the Crowders is just the best.

Soo, one of my desires while I've been here in Morehead was to head on down to Beattyville, meet the famous Butch, and slaughter a pig. Gotta live the Kentucky way haha. Sadly, Butch sold all of his piggies. A big reason the pig slaughtering sounded so fun was because you get to chase the pig. Idk that just seemed like a blast. Since my pig chasing wasn't going to happen, we got the next best thing. CHICKENS!!! Kally Barnett had some chickens and invited us to come over for dinner and chase some of her chickens around, plus hold them, plus take the best pictures, and sad plus get poop ALL OVER US. Hahaha watching Sister Ashmead clean off her poop filled shoes was hands down the best experience of the week haha I love that girl.

Recently we came into contact with a college student names Amaris. We've been able to have some Facebook lessons with him and he is really a cool dude. He really wants guidance, patience, and a stronger relationship with God right now. Well the gospel can help him with all of those things so he is on the right track :) we asked him how he had noticed God guiding him... He mentioned how meeting us shows God is guiding him. Chills. I really feel like God makes appointments for us with certain people. We are so happy we get to meet Amaris and help him on his search for God.

The other night, some of the missionaries in our mission were having a really hard time. Their area is more difficult and requires a lot of faith and determination. Sister Ashmead was in the shower and I had the thought go through my head to text these missionaires, and tell them we love them. I hollered at her in the shower and told her my idea. She goes, "nooo I seriously just had the thought 2 minutes ago to do the same thing." Comp unity?? The spirit?? Yes to all of the above. It's amazing how one little impression we receive from the holy ghost can go such a long way and truly help others and ourselves.

Also, I got a stinker of a migraine at the end of the week. It was horrible. Luckily, I took a nap to kick it and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. As I was laying there, I started to role play in my head. Might seem really weird, but I'm a missionary, that's what I'm suppose to be!! So I was imagining asking people different questions in my head. I started asking this one question... What would you want God to tell you right now? Usually, when we are out actually talking with people, I like to always have an answer of my own for the questions I ask others. Just in case they ask "well what about you?" I pondered what I would want God to tell me in this exact moment. Instantly, I thought, I would want him to tell me he isn't disappointed in me. I am a real big people pleaser. I like others to be happy with me. I don't like messing up and causing problems for others. And that never happens hahaha. I make a lot of mistakes. I've seen how I try to do this with Heavenly Father. I want to earn his approval. I want him to be proud of me. But how could he when I let him down SO many times...? Immediately after I asked this question in my head, I felt a wave of calmness come over me, almost like someone was hugging me. I felt love. I heard the words run through my head, "I am not disappointed in you." It was the the sweetest reassurance I needed in that moment.

Change is one of the greatest things we can ever be apart of. I used to not like the idea of changing, but I know if we allow God to change us we can be prepared and ready for everything he has in store for us. He knows what's best. So trust him to let him change you.

Transfer news is a coming this Saturday.... yikes. I'm on the edge of my seat for this one!!

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig


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