November 6, 2017




Sister Alisa Campbell


Hey y'all!!

We just got back from a five mile hike and man are we wiped... it was such a blast though!! I will attach some pretty awesome pictures.

Sister Campbell and I are having a blast here in Morehead! I love it when you just instantly click with certain people. Sister Campbell is one of my people!! I knew it was going to be a good time when I found out she likes Star Wars AND Harry Potter💛 we have made some super spirit led goals this transfer and we are so excited to see many miracles!!

I was thinking a lot about President Monson's invitation to do whatever necessary to obtain a testimony. In the Book of Mormon it was talking about the anti-nephi-lehis and how they chose to hide their weapons and not fight against their brethren. They had truly been able to access the Atonement of Christ and walk away from their past sins. When their brethren were coming up to battle against them they decided to hide away their weapons,"that they may be kept bright, as a testimony to our God at the last day." In my opinion I feel like it's so important to not only have a testimony, but LIVE your testimony, just like these righteous saints.

I have been focusing my studies on grace this last week. I've noticed a lot of people, including myself have a hard time understanding fully grace as it relates to the Savior. I found it really interesting in the index of the Book of Mormon of the different scriptures it relates to grace on. I decided to make some steps for how I can access grace in my life. The 'R'eminders for the Saviors grace.

Realize my weaknesses.
Rely on God to help me.
Remember to depend on Him. (meek and humble)
Recharge myself by praying continually.

I'm hoping to incorporate this more into my own life to build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. The Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ, with it we are able to learn even more divine truths to help keep us on the strait and narrow back to God again.

Lacy got her temple recommend this week and is loving family history and being able to find names of her family to take to the temple! We should be planning a trip to the temple soon, I'm so excited!

Also, we discovered chick fila on the Morehead campus and I am in heaven💙

I know a lot more went on this week, but this girl really needs a nap😂 I hope everyone has the best week and have fun figuring out the riddle attached at the bottom... a hint.. It's how the Kentuckians speak.

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. The note speaks for itself😂
2 & 3. On top of Natural Bridge.
4. Sister Wilde, my companion and bestie from the MTC😊


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