August 30, 2021


Corona, California


Erin Jacoway


From: Lauren Kubricky
Date: Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 3:24 PM
Subject: Olã

Olã Amigos!

My first week is done, and in three words I would describe the mission field as: hard, long, and rewarding. I love my companion, Sister Jacoway!!! I am so happy and sad that she is leaving for Brazil (on Sept. 9th; she has 6 months left of her mission). Glad she has the opportunity, but sad she won't be my trainer anymore. She is seriously the best. I have already learned so much from her, and I am so thankful I have someone to practice Portuguese with.

Tracting has been a new experience for me, but I get better each time I practice. It was kind of intimidating at first. Facebook finding is really nice too. I did have someone block me already 😅. We met Jim and Reynaldo tracting, and it was crazy because they were next door neighbors, but we have lessons with both of them next week, which I am excited for. Danny Balles said a prayer out loud and went to church in person last week, which was a huge deal. He also said yes to baptism! I am already in love with the people in my area.

I have also taught Jamie and Tony, who literally are swamped with work, but still make the time to listen to zoom church every Sunday, and they have already read 1 Nephi. They are going to church next week, though, which is great!

FELLOWSHIPING is sooooo important. I never realized, but it is, and Scott Markle is the best! We love him! He fellowships everyone, and he fed us really good chilli, so he wins.

I am just really glad to be out here in the mission field, and just like my mission President (President Watson) said: it is worth the 99% if the gospel is brought to the 1%. And I have definitely seen that while in the field. My district and zone are awesome, and we got to play soccer today, which was a blast. I also got to turn in my Brazil visa application finally, which is exciting. 2 Nephi 25:26 is our go-to scripture when we share a quick message from the Book of Mormon. It is also our scripture theme. D&C 4 is the CRM chapter scripture theme.

Sister Kubricky


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