August 7, 2021


Home MTC | Chandler, Arizona


Rivers Nuño


From: Lauren Kubricky
Date: August 7, 2021 at 10:55 AM
Subject: Oi!👋

Ola meus amigos e familia,

I have two more weeks of Home MTC and then I am off on my mission. I have been bad at writing emails, but to catch everyone up: I have been reassigned to the Riverside California mission for the time being. I am very excited to go out and serve.

My companion for Home MTC is Sister Nuño, and she is the BEST. We get along great, and I love all her insights.

Since starting the Home MTC, I have been able to attend the Gilbert Temple again with my mom. I also get to go to a missionary meeting/devotional each Sunday at President and Sister’s Shkapich house, which I have found to be so helpful.

At the Home MTC we get to teach a whole bunch of people on Zoom, which is very good practice, but usually the people are already members. However, one of my teachers, Irmã Sandoval (we call our teachers Irmã and Irmão, but missionaries are referred to as Elder and Sister), had her friend, Sofia (16), come in a Zoom chat to be taught. Sofia is not a member. She is from Columbia but lives in Brazil, and my district was able to teach her for a couple days. Sadly we switched teachers halfway through the MTC classes, but Irmã Sandoval asked me and my companion to keep teaching Sofia outside of class. So that is what we have been doing. We eventually asked Sofia if she would like to be baptized, and she said she would love to. We have been trying to get a ahold of missionaries in her area to help prepare her more, but in the meantime, Sister Nuño and I still continue to teach her. Ashley Hernandez, who is in my home ward and just came back from her mission in Brazil, sits in with us on our Zoom chats to help us with Sofia’s questions and our comprehension.

Portuguese learning has been going well. I am learning a whole bunch of concepts, grammar, and vocabulary. I enjoyed when we learned about trava linguas (tongue twisters). My favorite is “A babá boba bebeu o leite do bebê.” I can say it pretty fast now. Also I trap my dog, Luna, in my room while I have my Zoom lessons.

Also, shoutout to Sister Scott, who wakes up and goes walking with me in the morning. It is definitely a highlight of my day.

That is pretty much it. Tchau!

-Sister Kubricky


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