November 12, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Larsen

Teaching at a Catholic School, Miracles, & Junk Relocating Service

Hello, Everyone!
This week was great! It started with a little miracle we had with Jeremey. We decided that we needed to go over the sacrament with him again. Jeremey was reading the sacrament prayers in Moroni, specifically the prayer for the bread. It was amazing. Jeremey struggles with pronunciation and has dyslexia. We've been working with him but we go over things a lot before they start to make sense to him. Anyways, when he read the sacrament bread blessing verse it came out perfectly. There wasn't one mess up or even one mispronunciation and that's a super long verse. After he read it he looked up and said, "Wow, that was powerful. I felt the tingles." After he said this, I sat there dumbstruck for a few seconds. The member who was with us turned to him and asked, "Do you know what that feeling is?" His response was, " The Spirit." It was so amazing to see how his weakness in reading was completely overcome when the spirit touched his heart. Also, it's amazing to see how much knowledge he has gained of this gospel. I also brought it up to Jeremey, how he had just read the verse perfectly. He waved it off and said that he had heard it in sacrament meeting before. That didn't stop the prayer for the water being riddled with pauses and us having to go over words with him. We all felt the Holy Ghost's presence in the room when we read the scriptures and discussed them afterwards.

Another thing we did with Jeremey this week was go over the baptismal interview questions. It is so amazing to hear his testimony and see how he's changed, what he's learning and where he is now.

I included a picture of us teaching Terry. We used a Plan of Salvation display and hung it up on his garage to teach! Fun stuff!

Next, an Eastside Catholic School professor invited us missionaries to teach his students about the restoration of the Gospel, the First Vision, and the Book of Mormon. Oh, did I mention he's not a member? It was crazy and super cool. We taught with our zone leaders and afterwards answered some questions. Our whole zone took turns teaching during different classes and different days. It was so cool to hear how it all went and the questions that were asked.

We also had this crazy service activity we did for someone. This man randomly called us up and asked for some help moving some things. We invited some of the Elders from the zone and went over to his place. It was crazy. This man had us move all this random stuff and his trash to another part of his property (pics or it didn't happen). He had the weirdest things that he had been collecting or carving for years. It was basically his junk yard, down a hill from his house. We found this totem pole that had I-pods, phones, etc., nailed to it. I think it was supposed to be art. Not sure. We found wooden statues of llamas, cars, fish, bears, fathers, and more. The Elders were loving it and it was hilarious.

We had our zone conference! Yay! It was awesome! We talked all about the "Light the World" that's coming up in December and President also told us we have an Apostle and two seventies visiting us in the next three weeks. Surprise! It's always really faith building and the training is great!

Next we had our Festival of Finding!!!!!!!!! MY DAUGHTER GOT TO EXPERIENCE HER FIRST FINDING DAY!!! YAY!! This time was especially fun too. We always pray about where we should go but we ended up not even being in our own areas for most of it. We were just given random streets to visit all over Redmond and went finding there! We found a new friend and other potential friends! YAY.

Alright, lots of love!!!!!!!


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