September 17, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Boman

Incredible Devotional w/Pres. and Sister Nelson & Awesome Baptism in Federal Way

Good morning!! This week was a little crazy! First, Jeremey is still doing well and was able to make it to the devotional with President Nelson!

David was also able to make it! David is someone we've been working with as well and is actually an excommunicated member. He's awesome. He's gone through some hard stuff but it brought him back to the church. I really appreciate his testimony and also how he recognizes the Spirit. He realizes right now that the Spirit isn't his constant companion and he feels the difference whenever we come over. He wants to be baptized again so bad! A miracle is that he's started dating a women in our ward and they brought both of their less active sons with them to the devotional with President Nelson and they all loved it!

ALSO, I was able to attend a baptism in Federal Way for Stephanie!!!! AHHHHH! SHE GOT BAPTIZED AND SO DID HER DAUGHTER ESME! We are so excited for their family and it was so awesome to see people from Federal Way! I love that ward. Stephanie was someone we were teaching who kept backing out of baptismal dates or we weren't able to get in contact with her at times. It totally strengthened my testimony to keep working with people and seek God's council to see if we should keep trying. It was such a beautiful baptism and they were so happy!

Ok, President Nelson's devotional. WOW. Some crazy happened. As missionaries we were supposed to be picked up by busses and taken over to Safeco Fields, buuut the bus never showed up for our area... they switched us to plan B and we had to drive to downtown Seattle! I ended up being the driver with other Sisters piled into the car (Hermanas- yes, all of their directions were in Spanish) and we headed down there! We parked pretty far away and had to book it! It was insane. Members everywhere! There ended up being 49,089 people in the audience. Also, all the missionaries were given the box seats! It was so awesome to see everyone and the devotional was amazing. Seriously. President Eyring, Sister Nelson, and President Nelson all spoke to us. President Eyring discussed asking for confirmation from the Lord if our leaders are called of God, not just following blindly. Sister Neslon then just blew my mind. She's awesome. She talked about what life has been like since President Nelson was called as a prophet. She mentioned that President Nelson has yellow note pads he keeps by his bed at night so that when he's woken up in the middle of the night he can write down his revelations. She mentioned that sometimes he'll go into their closet at night, so as to not wake her up, but since he's been called as a prophet, this revelation has been basically non-stop. She talked about a prompting she received at 4:00 in the morning to leave the room. Two hours later, President Nelson came out and basically just said he was amazed at what the Lord had told him for the last two hours and the direction he had received. She also brought up other times when the Lord has let her witness him receiving revelation and her witness that he really is called of God! She shared that she would never read his sacred revelation on his note pads as well. Basically, she was just amazing and it was so powerful!

Next, President Nelson! He was just incredible. He had so much energy and told us six things he's learned over his 94 years of life so far:
1. Hold to the raft (the gospel)

2. The Book of Mormon is the word of God- here he gave us a promised blessing: If we would feast on its words prayerfully everyday, we would be immunized against the evils of our day.

3. The honors of men fade into oblivion.

4. God uses unlikely means to achieve the impossible.

5. We're happiest when focussed on others.

6. We are apart of the gathering of Israel on both sides of the veil. The Spirit was so strong as we were able to listen to him speak and testify. He's hilarious too. He had finished speaking and sat down and the organist had already begun to play when he jumped up to the mic and said, "Stop the music! I believe in repentance! I was just informed there are actually 49,089 people here tonight!" And then just sat down. He's so cute.

We were able to get home safely and had a great Sunday as well!

Love ya lots!!!


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