July 30, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Boman

Bridge of Promise Volunteering & Update on Investigators

Hello, Everyone!
Okkkaaay..... This week was busy! We met up with a recent convert in the area and... haha... I was not prepared! He's super smart, in his 70's and a psychologist! We came in and he started informing us of how he's trying to create religion on mind craft and wants to build churches, temples and mosques (he's apparently already found the sacred grove)! He was psycho analyzing me too... Every move I made in my chair or even if I yawned he was all over it... We're going to be meeting with him regularly and trying to help him out!

We also had an awesome lesson with a man named Anderson! He seemed really interested in the Book of Mormon and we had a sweet lesson! :) We're excited to meet with him more!!

We also met with Jeremey and he's doing well! He has dyslexia so we've been getting him to listen to the Book of Mormon and he's already listed to quite a bit! We went on a hike with his daughter Dezie and him last P-day! It was so much fun and SO BEAUTIFUL! We had a lesson at the top of the trail and he said the cutest prayer at the end and even included the baby bunnies we saw on the hike up! SO CUTE! He came to church again and is doing well!

We also had a super fun time this Friday! We volunteered at an event called the Bridge of Promise and it's for special needs kids and adults! We got to help them out and do fun activities with them! They were all so sweet and so happy! :) There were slides, fishing, go-carts, lunch, hay-rides, face painting, and tons of crafts! It really brought a smile to everyone's face! I guess that's it for now!

Love ya!


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