August 6, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Boman

Lots of Service & Some Great Investigators

Hello, Everyone!
This week has been busy! We've continued to meet with Jeremey and he's slowly but surely progressing! Yay! He really is so sweet to his daughter and he came to church again on Sunday! He's been listening to the Book of Mormon CD's as well!

We've also been continuing with a ton of service! We help on a ranch, we helped some people move, we also helped this blind women clean up her yard and organize some things as well!

So, we've had this non-member coming to church for the past two weeks and I decided enough was enough. We had been waiting for the friend and her family to invite us over because we had been talking about having her friend (Cameryn) meet with us! So of course we've been joining the 16-18 year-old class and walking reallllllly slow out of the classroom. My companion did not get the hint and was about two yards ahead of me (*mental face-palm*) so I had to speed up and tell her the plan. She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her we needed to talk to him and she looked back and saw he was surrounded by friends. We got over there and ended up getting his phone number and agreeing to meet up this week! YAY. The only problem is that he's leaving for college in about a week and a half... :/ That's ok though! We'll just pass on his teaching record!

Love ya!


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