June 18, 2018


Kent, Washington


Sister Espinoza

Exchanges w/Sis Riggs, Awesome Investigators, Sweetest Text & Pics From Ward Member

Ok, this week really started picking up with exchanges! ANNND, I got to go on an exchange with Sister Riggs!! It was great! It made me think of my first area and training and it was cool to see how we've both grown and changed :). I got to meet some of their investigators and see a few MIRACLES! Sister Riggs had a Skype lesson with one of her good friends. The cool part was that when we were companions, she told me all about her and her background and how they met. She was a little worried about her at the time. Fast forward months and months and I just happened to be with Sister Riggs again for their first lesson and real contact since they were up at college together! We also had a lesson later with an investigator who was CRAZY similar to an old investigator of ours in Federal Way! It was also a first lesson and went really well.

We got to go to the Discovery Center in Bellevue with Izabella! (our 16 yr. old investigator who is planning on being baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)! It was so awesome to go with her and get to talk to her more! She's so awesome and is the one who wants to go on a mission! We just heard today though that she broke up with her boyfriend of 2 yrs, her strongest fellowship and the whole reason she was first interested in the gospel... We won't even be having our usual lessons in the fellowship family's home. We're a little worried, but will be seeing her tonight for a lesson! Hopefully she's still doing ok and we can figure out how to help. :)

We are still teaching our cute Afghani family English and the father said he would be interested in a Book of Mormon! Hopefully we can get that today in the right language... haha.. They are so welcoming to us and regularly let us know if we need anything we can always turn to them for help! We came over for our usual lesson time and they were celebrating "Eid" - a time for lots of food and other traditions. They basically just sat us down and gave us tons of food and sweets from Afghanistan. Yep, we were stuffed, and we had just avoided having ice cream at a member's home. Oh well!!

We've started signing up for certain days on our own calendar so no one else will when we know we're meeting with families whose cultures involve feeding all their guests. Yep, that's where the Nigerian family comes into play too. We're working on them and hopefully soon they'll show some more progress. The dad has a background as a Catholic priest but is willing to still talk to us and learn. They are SO nice! We love them!

We've also got another investigator who we're pretty excited for! Her name is Courtney and she makes me die laughing whenever we talk. We have another lesson planned with her tomorrow!




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